Detecting female flirting body language can often be a challenging task. Females do send various body languages while talking to men where it becomes difficult for men to perceive what sort of body language or signs they are sending. They send positive, negative and sometimes mixed feelings both consciously and unconsciously and it is up to the men to take the correct interpretation.

Extra effort is needed to decode the signals when a female is trying to send to a man. It is very important for the man to be in his natural way to read the signals properly. He should not overact and try to pretend to be someone he is not. It is then that a female goes on to give more proper and true signals through her body language and it is up to the man to catch hold of them.

Flirting body language signals from a woman can range from a simple smile to any amount of increasing attention over the opposite person. This can include touching the hair, murmuring or even an eye-contact.

Eye-contact is the most basic flirting signal and an excellent way to show attraction. Women tend not to break the eye-contact even as the man keeps looking into her eyes; and add a couple of shy glances and fleeting looks in between and it is the responsibility of the man to catch hold of them. Some women try to toss their hair from one side to another to allow men to have a look at their neck. This is a positive gesture and the man should immediately read that she is interested in him. Also it should be observed the way they push their fingers through their hair. Slow and careful pushing of the fingers give positive signals to the men whereas quick and nervy movements of her fingers through the hair disclose some sort of embarrassment or impatience.

Gentle touching on the arms or shoulders of the man provides signals that the woman is interested. She is trying to flirt with her body language.

Most often, women try to become more closer to the men they are interested by teasing them quite often, laugh and talk loudly when in a conversation and sometimes get playful with him. Women can easily grasp men’s attentions towards them and it is the duty of the men not to get misled by her signals. They need to maintain their composure though they see the positive signs and soon they can sense the females sending more and more flirting signals through their body language. Another way to grab a man’s attention is entwining her legs. This body language of women attracts a man and she can easily read the opposite person’s intention as such.

Leaning back with arms folded, changing the topic during a conversation, leaning on her hand with her chin and eyes that seem to think something are negative signals being passed and the man should encounter that she is not really interested in him.

..those glaring eyes that speaks out

Therefore, it always becomes important to properly read the flirting body language signals sent by the woman to know whether she is really getting interested in the man or not.

Now when you talk to a woman in a way that attracts her you’ll begin to notice that women will:

  • Make excuses to keep talking to you
  • Touch you more (putting her hand under your shirt, or feeling your muscles)
  • Getting jealous when you talk to other girls
  • Laughing at your jokes (even the ones that aren’t that funny)
  • Leaning in and grinding up against you

These signals are noticeable if you are confident and keep check on the movements and mannerisms of the woman.

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