You’re going to learn all about kissing on this date; new techniques, unusual kisses, and what gets the two of you revved-up! I guarantee you’ll discover some likes and dislikes you never knew existed. Plus, can you think of anything you’d rather spend the afternoon practicing? (don’t answer that) There are 54 different types of kisses to explore on this date, from a standard French kiss to more unusual ones like the Spiderman kiss, nip kiss, sniff kiss and serious kiss types like angel, sloppy kisses.

It’s one of those kissing methods that will teach you a little bit more about the way your date likes to be kissed and maybe even the way you like to be kissed.

Some of you will decide to go for it and try them all, but 54 different kisses, many of which take a few tries to get right, may be a bit much for others. If this is the case, no big deal, flip through the kisses and pick out 20-25 that you like. Fold them up and take turns drawing kisses, following the instructions on each one. Don’t tell your date which kiss you picked, have them close their eyes and find out when you do it! Most of the kisses include a question or two that will help you communicate opinions about the kisses and your techniques.

Kissing is one of those sensitive topics, so make sure to give feedback in a positive way. For example, instead of saying “You kissed me too hard” try “I liked it at the beginning when you were kissing me softly”. Complement each other while giving direction. This brings us to the mood. All of this kissing requires some kind of a mood, right? I can see candles, maybe a fire, a bottle of wine, soft music, and a very romantic evening. But I can also see you going somewhere secluded, lying down on a blanket and having fun drawing a new kiss every few minutes and just enjoying the day. Romantic or casual can both be great, do what feels right for your relationship. When you’re done, ask which ones were the best and if they know any that weren’t covered (you’re willing to continue!). And last but not least, with all the kissing involved you may want to bring breath mints, smell amazing, and don’t forget the Chapstick! Happy kissing!

How to Kiss a Girl or a Guy - Learn Types of Kisses

Kissing Guide: Types of Kisses

Let us talk about some serious kissing methods.

  1. Standard Kiss A simple kiss and a great way to get and give feedback about the kiss you do most often.
  2. French Kiss Lean together into a simple kiss, open your mouths and touch tongues lightly. Enjoy the feeling of your tongues moving against each other. Important point – do not move too deeply into your partner’s mouth.
  3. Sniff Kiss Popular in Asian nations where public kissing is frowned upon, the sniff-kiss doesn’t involve lips at all. Lean into your date and put your nose near their cheek, ear, or neck. Inhale their scent deeply.
  4. Nip Kiss Instead of kissing with your lips, lean in close and gently bite your date’s lower lip, being very careful not to bite too hard.
  5. Eskimo Kiss Put your faces close together and gently rub noses back and forth, up and down, or any which way you like.
  6. Butterfly Kiss Get close to your partner and flutter your eyelids against their cheek, neck, lips, or nose.
  7. Upside-Down Kiss (Spiderman Kiss) Have your partner lie on their back or sit in a chair and lean their head back. Lean over and give them a kiss with your heads pointed the opposite direction (noses near each other’s chins).
  8. Flavored Kiss Take a bite of strawberry, orange, piece of candy, or anything else and then give your date a French kiss.
  9. Mystery Kiss Head to the local supermarket or candy shop and each pick out a bunch of flavors you like, this could be things like root beer barrels, toffee, grapes, strawberries, etc. (jelly bellies work well). Don’t show each other what you bought. Take turns closing your eyes while your partner eats a bite and then gives you a French kiss. See if you can guess the flavor!
  10. Sucking Kiss When kissing with an open mouth, gently suck on your date’s lower lip. Pull away slightly while kissing for that little extra touch, but not too hard.
  11. Vacuum Kiss When your lips are pressing together, gently suck the air out of your partner’s mouth.
  12. Fish Kiss Suck your cheeks in so that both of you look like fish and try to kiss each other before you burst out laughing. Keep trying until you succeed.
  13. The Non-Kiss Kiss Lean in close to your date until your lips are barely touching, rub your lips against each other’s without puckering.
  14. Lick Kiss Instead of touching your partner’s lips with your own, lean in closely and gently run your tongue over their lips. End with a light kiss.
  15. Tease Kiss Lean in until your lips barely graze each other’s and pull back slightly. Do this a few times, enjoying the feeling of your partner’s breath, before kissing.
  16. Candy Kiss While French kissing, pass a piece of hard candy or gum between your mouths.
  17. Ice Kiss While French kissing, pass a small piece of ice between your mouths.
  18. Capture the Candy Kiss Put a Skittle, M&M, or other small candy in your partner’s mouth and see if you can find it and move it to your mouth. Don’t use anything larger than Skittles or M&Ms.
  19. Sliding Kiss Expose your partner’s feet, ankles, legs, stomach, and neck. Have them lie down and gently kiss them on the foot and slide up to the ankle, knee, thigh, stomach, and finally neck. Make sure to slide your lips across the skin between light kisses.
  20. Hickey Gently, but firmly suck on your partner’s skin until the area is pink or red. It may be best to do this in an area that can be covered by clothes.
  21. From Behind Kiss Hold your date from behind and when they turn their head, move yours around to meet them and kiss.
  22. Slow Motion Kiss Kiss your date at one-half or one-quarter speed.
  23. Opposite Kiss If you usually kiss with your heads tilted to the right, try kissing with them tilted to the left.
  24. Downward Kiss Starting at the ear, kiss down along your partner’s jaw to their neck or collarbone.
  25. Tickle Kiss Start by giving your partner a normal kiss and then start tickling their ribs, stomach, or underarms. See how long you can continue while you are both laughing.
  26. No Lips Kiss Lean in close, open your mouths slightly and touch tongues without touching lips.
  27. Blow Kiss Give your partner wet kisses on their neck, back, or shoulder (their choice). Pull back slightly and gently blow on the area to give them a cooling sensation.
  28. Woodpecker Kisses Have your partner close their eyes and give them short, quick kisses all over their face. See if you can cover their entire face before you burst out laughing.
  29. Lady and the Tramp Kiss You both hold one end of licorice, taffy, fruit, or whatever in your mouth and eat until you’re kissing.
  30. Shocking Kiss Shuffle around the carpet until you build up an electric charge, lean in close until only your lips meet and give off a spark.
  31. High Low Kiss Lean in and kiss your partner’s upper lip, then pull back slightly and kiss their lower lip.
  32. Kiss on the Hand Take your partner’s hand and give it a light kiss on the top or palm.
  33. Kiss on the Cheek Kiss your partner on the cheek.
  34. Kiss on the NeckHold your partner from the front or back and kiss them on the neck.
  35. Frog KissMove in close, open your mouths, and touch tongues quickly and briefly, like a frog trying to catch a fly. After about a dozen touches melt in for a long French kiss.
  36. Kiss on the Ear Lightly kiss your partner’s ear, gently nibble or suck on the earlobe. Just once, lightly explore their ear with your tongue, many people don’t like this but you never know.
  37. Kiss on the Back Ask your partner which part of the back they want kissed. Pull up their shirt and kiss the area gently, rubbing your chin, cheek, and nose across the area.
  38. Kiss on the Foot Ask your partner where their feet are ticklish. Avoiding those spots, lightly kiss them on the top of the foot, ankle, or toes. Give them a little tickle when you’re done.
  39. Kiss on the Navel Pull up your partner’s shirt and gently kiss them on their navel. Use your tongue to explore the area.
  40. Kiss on the Nose Hug your partner close and give them a soft kiss on the tip of their nose.
  41. Kiss the Eyes Ask your partner to close their eyes. Start by lightly kissing the cheekbone once, the eyebrow once, and then very gently kiss your date’s closed eyes.
  42. Kiss on the Forehead Hold your partner close and give them a firm kiss on the forehead.
  43. Switch Kiss With this kiss you’re going to kiss your partner the way they usually kiss you and vice-versa. If they’re taller, start by standing on a chair, and use the style they do, kiss the lip they kiss, put your tongue in their mouth if they usually put theirs in yours, hold them the way they hold you, you get the idea. This can be a real eye-opener!

Romantic Kissing Methods

First things first, kissing is the absolute best. Unless it’s not. For example, when your kissing partner tries to drown you in his saliva, maybe it’s time for a talk? But, you know, it’s mainly the best.

How to Kiss a Girl or a Guy - Learn Methods of Kisses

Over at, they consulted with kissing expert Sheril Kirshenbaum, author of the book The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us, to explore what different types of kisses mean in relationships. ​”Kissing is so important to long-term bonds. It helps maintain a relationship,”​ she says.

Here’s some kisses, finally explained.

1. The Single-Lip Kiss

The Single-Lip Kiss is a kiss that is truly all about love. Rather than diving into a more aggressive kiss, each person focuses on kissing only one of their partner’s lips at a time.

How to Kiss a Girl Guy - Learn Types of Kisses

Bernard Metlzer said, “Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it.” This kiss is absolutely a shared experience. There is a give and take involved that indicates a deeper love for one another.

Whether new or old love, this is a bond that you will want to continue to explore.

2. The Cheek Kiss

The Cheek Kiss is a kiss that is all about conveying that you like someone. Rather than dive right in at the mouth, one person lays a gentle kiss right on the other’s cheek.

This kiss is about friendship and affection. The person planting the kiss may have romantic feelings for the receiver, but this moment isn’t about that romance. This is about a true fondness, conveying the message that “I like you.”

A kiss on the cheek that comes years into a relationship may just indicate that the all-important friendship still exists underneath it all.

3. The Closed Mouth Kiss

The Closed Mouth Kiss is one that shows you are not quite 100% comfortable with one another yet. Each person keeps their lips firmly closed, not allowing for moisture or tongues to touch.

How to Kiss a man or woman - Learn types of Kiss

This kiss indicates that perhaps this is a new relationship where you haven’t let your guard down yet. Charles Dickens said, “Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

This kiss in a longer relationship could be a sign that you are each putting up emotional walls and that communication may need to be improved.

4. The French Kiss

The French Kiss is a kiss that is all about wanting to get to know the other person even more. Each person uses their tongue to explore the inner workings of the other’s mouth.

This kiss is all about exploration – both literally and figuratively. Ingrid Bergmanfamously said, “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”

How to Kiss a man or woman - Learn options of Kiss

When you’ve run out of words, or when words just don’t seem to be enough, the French Kiss is exactly how to let your partner know that you want to be closer and that you wish to know them on a deeper level.

5. The Spiderman Kiss

The Spiderman Kiss is one that is all about spontaneity. Based on the famous movie scene, this upside-down kiss is probably best performed by us non-superheroes when one person is sitting or laying down.

This kiss shows that your relationship still surprises you. You each still share a sense of excitement, and you love the opportunity to sneak up and lay an unexpected kiss on your partner.

Whether new or old love, you each care enough to keep finding new ways to express your feelings.

6. The Nibble Kiss

The Nibble Kiss is all about being feisty. One person gives the other one a little love bite on the lip, hopefully not so hard that it draws blood or pain.

How to Kiss a man or woman - Kissing guide

This kiss shows an underlaying passion that is often best expressed physically. You likely have a healthy, and perhaps athletic, sex life. You don’t mind being a little rough with each other, as this only spices things up even more.

7. The Gentle Kiss

The Gentle Kiss is one that is all about anticipation. Each person very lightly kisses the other on the lips, not applying very much pressure at all.

How to Kiss a man or woman - Kissing tips

Author Sheril Kirshenbaum writes, “Just a light brush on [the lips] stimulates a very large part of the brain – an area even more expansive than would be activated by sexual stimulation below the belt.”

This kiss is about teasing and delayed gratification. It indicates a deep level of comfort to practice such restraint with a gentle kiss.

8. The Angel Kiss

The Angel Kiss is about protection and a sense of security. One person lightly kisses the other on the eyelid while they are sleeping, as a reminder that someone is watching over them.

This kiss shows that taking care of one another is very important. It reveals that you have a strong sense of trust. You trust that you have each others’ backs and that you will protect one another from harm.

How to Kiss a man or woman - Learn options of Kisses

9. The Sloppy Kiss

The Sloppy Kiss is one that is all about sexual energy. Each person abandons any rhyme or reason and simply lets the fluids fly with this open mouth kiss.

Author Sheril Kirshenbaum writes, “Men tend to express a preference for wet, sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.” But that’s not to say women won’t enjoy them as well.

This kiss shows that the typical order of a relationship is secondary to the physical aspect of the relationship. One shouldn’t be surprised if this kiss quickly leads to the bedroom.

10. The Peck

The Peck is a kiss that is all about testing the waters. Each person keeps their eyes and lips shut tight for a very quick kiss.

Author Sheril Kirshenbaum writes, “A kiss really works as nature’s litmus test. It tells us whether we decide to pursue a relationship.” This brief kiss is about seeing if there is a spark that might lead to more advanced types of kissing.

When this comes in a longer relationship, it can be a quick check-in, or a sign of comfort with one another, as you say a quick “hello” or “goodbye.”

How to Kiss a man or woman - Learn Methods of Kisses

11. The Butterfly Kiss

The Butterfly Kiss is one that doesn’t involve the lips at all. Two people put their eyes as close together as possible and flutter their eyelids against one another’s.

This kiss is all about young love. Very rarely will you see more mature or experienced relationships utilizing this type of kiss to express their love. This kiss shows an excitement and newness about things that will likely evolve into other, more stable kissing types.

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