How to Impress Your Partner or Wife or Husband

Impressing your wife or partner is easy as you know her nature. Studies have confirmed that women love soft spoken people. That is one of the most important factor in making wife feel closer to you. While it is true that bad language is not isolated to the men, most women appreciate a husband who is verbally respectful and has a command of the responsible language. It has been said that when one must resort to foul language—male or female—it is because he/she lacks the intelligence to compose their words in any other fashion.

Talk to her like you did on the day that you met her. There are other factors too which we are discussing below to give you insights in impressing your wife with minimal fuss.

In case of a working woman impressing her husband. Remember to make him special whatever minimum time you spend together. Some obvious signs that you take pride in yourself and your marriage are maintaining a job, not quitting one job until you have another, coming home on time if you say you will be home for dinner, being dependable and true to your word, offering to help with the kids and the chores, never discussing personal marital issues with another person unless it is with a counselor or a trusted friend that you are absolutely sure is wanting and willing to give sound advice, and always being upfront about difficult issues, even when they may be uncomfortable to discuss.

Let us consider in detailed manner, few facts that spice up the relationships for happy and meaningful life.

Re-excite your wife/husband or partner

For Your Wife/Girlfriend

1. Kidnap her for a surprise picnic. Plan your rendezvous for the weekend or when you both have a free day. Make sure she doesn’t have any plans. Then you tell her to come with you to the supermarket or something along those lines. Give her time to get ready, get in the car, and pick up some take-out food. Then head to a nice empty beach or park and explain to her that you’re having a romantic getaway!

2. Write her a poem. If this is not your thing, there are lots of places to get some inspiration. Try a poetry book, romantic song, etc. Just don’t repeat anything word for word because it may sound familiar to her and she’ll know you faked it.

3. Cook her a delicious meal, light some candles, dim the lights and CLEAN the house! When she gets home, she’ll be speechless.

4. Hold her hand every time you go out. If this isn’t possible (because one of you is carrying a baby or pushing a shopping cart) then make sure to maintain some form of physical contact. This will make her feel like you’re proud to be with her and can’t keep your hands off her!

Impress lover girlfriend - love your wife a lot
5. Give her a spa like treat. Fill your tub with warm water then add some milk and honey. Invite her in, give a a nice scrub down, then sit behind her and give her a firm yet gentle scalp massage.

6. Plan a photography session. Let your wife or girlfriend get all dolled up for you, then take pictures of her that you’ll keep in your wallet, office, or car. Tell her that she’s beautiful and that she takes amazing pictures.

7. Get up a few minutes before her one day and write a simple “I Love You” on a post-it. Stick the post-it on the bathroom mirror or someplace she’ll be sure to see it. This is guaranteed to make her feel special.

If you want to expand on this idea, you can leave sweet little notes for her in so many other places too!

8. If you’re an artist, take inspiration from Titanic and draw, paint, or sculpt your lover. You’ll get the best results if your masterpiece actually looks good but if not, tell her you could never create something as beautiful as her.

For Your Husband/Boyfriend

1. After a hard day at work, give your man an exquisite back massage. Use some aromatherapy massage oil to relax and soothe him.

2. Wear lingerie. This might not seem like the most romantic thing to do, but he will absolutely love it. He will definitely appreciate the effort you made and it’ll seem super-romantic to him!

wear lingerie - love your husband a lot

3. If your lover shaves his face, you do it for him. Play some romantic music, lather him up, and use slow, gentle strokes to shave him. DO NOT cut or nick him! Just take your time and he’ll feel satisfied and taken care of.

4. Take some time out to just look into each other’s eyes. Appreciate his presence, his scent, and his warmth. If you feel like kissing him, go for it!

5. Pretend to need him. Men like to be the ones to protect you, so tell him you get scared when he’s not around or that you feel safe with him there.

6. Cuddle him unexpectedly. Warning – do this when you two are completely alone so that he won’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. To keep him happy, stop before he feels crowded. I suggest you hold him for about 5-6 minutes, then give him some space.

7. Buy him tickets to a football or basketball game that you know he wants to see. To keep things romantic, go with him and cheer for his team!

8. Cook him a huge feast, let him stuff himself, and then you load the dishes in the dish washer while he rests. When you’re done, sit near him and stroke his arms while whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

These are great tips that you can use anytime. Good for special occasions such as anniversaries or when you just want your partner to feel extra special. Don’t ever let your significant other forget how much you care. Keep them feeling warm and fuzzy and they’ll treat you so much better!

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