Sexual Positions

“69” – the position of mutual sucking

The “69” position is where one lover lies head to tail over the other and each
gives the other simultaneous oral stimulation.
Oral stimulation in this position will work comfortably if her mouth is large
enough for his penis and if he doesn’t thrust violently.
Totally engorging the erect penis in her mouth she presses and caresses his
testicles, allowing her saliva to flow over them.
Pressing the cheeks of her buttocks apart, the man is able to caress the widely
opened lips of her vulva with the tip of his tongue at his pleasure, likewise
titillating her anus with his tongue. He could also stimulate her clitoris.
If you are a couple who enjoy licking and probing the genitals with the tongue, then this can be a tremendously exciting route to simultaneous orgasm.



Lodging his member more in the opening very tightly closed by her buttocks
and – to underscore his dominance – smacking her on the bottom and rubbing it warm with one hand, he takes hold of her clitoris with the other, his lover being unable to refuse his caresses. Her movements of joy and pleasure accentuate the man’s craving considerably, so that the woman has to stop when she feels his lover is closed to ejaculatory orgasm.
Then the man still lodged in the woman’s bottom kneels down on the bed. His
partner sits up, so that she touches his chest with her breasts. With one hand
he massages her labia and clitoris and can even masturbate her, if he feels the
movements of her pelvis are fierce enough. With the other hand he massages
her breasts that have grown erectile from his exciting caresses, while his
fingers invest her genitals.



This is one of the most beautiful and rewarding positions in the Kama Sutra.
The woman standing next to the man wraps her legs stretched more or less
high around him, as if she wants to climb a tree – with the difference that she
uses his penis as a strong branch to prevent her falling.
The lovers face each other and they can exchange all manner of caresses,
pinching and kissing each other, their looks reciprocally registering their
mounting lust.
This position is very good for raising the sexual energy along the spine. The
lovers will feel different kind of orgasm according to the level at which they
raise the sexual energy.


The lovers place themselves so, that his member is aimed at her buttocks from the rear. When he inserts hid penis into the woman’s vulva, he pulls her pelvis up to the level of his own waist and at the same time forces her to incline the upper part of her body forwards.
To mantain better balance so that he can convey to her his full vigour, she
supports herself on her lover’s ankles. The way the vagina is massaged by the
penis and the penis is suckled by the vulva gives the pair a deep feeling of
yearning in this massage position.
The man would have strong muscles at his arms and legs for mantaining this
position as long as is necessary to get the non-ejaculatory orgasm.
The woman has a good control of the pleasure intensity in this position and
therefore she can help the man by stopping the movement when she feels that he attains the preorgastic level.



This position has the great advantage of triggering strong vaginal sensations for the woman.
The upper area of the vagina is excited very much indeed by the glans and the shaft of the penis introduced horizontally. To accentuate this massage even more, the woman allows her head to fall backwards to the ground and, still holding onto her lover’s wrists and with her buttocks resting on his thighs, she takes up his penis, which keeps her balance, greedily for its whole length.
This position helps woman to have more control on pleasure because the sexual energy flows along the spine to the head, generating an elevated type of orgasm.
The standing position of the man offers him more control over the intensity of pleasure in order to avoid ejaculatory orgasm.


“THE PIVOT” position

During intercourse the woman turns right around the man like a horizontal
wheel around a vertical axis. Profiting from certain positions the man caresses her an pinches her nipples. For her part she can fondle the chest of the reclining man, whose penis uses her like a pivot in flesh and blood. By squirming and raising herself a little, she takes up just the length of his penis she wants to feel in herself. “The pivot” position helps both man and woman to have a good mental concentration. That’s why this position is recommended for men who have started to practise sexual continence.



The man’s penis fills up the woman’s open vulva completely. Her thighs are on the level of the man’s shoulders, who plunges into her deeply and forcefully, so that she can feel the size and length of his member all the better.
During “The blow of the bull” position the woman could stroke the man’s
buttocks with her hands.
The man’s forceful thrusts determines the rising of the woman’s sexual energy
along the spine. So, in this position the woman could experience the awakening of the Kundalini.


“SEESAWING” position


Sitting slightly in front of the man’s thights, she only takes in part of his penis,
so that either of them can control the length inserted alternately. Kneeling she can stroke the man’s legs; suporting himself on his arms and making brief
thrusts with his pelvis he comes to meet her halfway or acts as if he were going to withdraw totally, living her almost completely in order to penetrate her open vagina anew, which is very moist in this position. This provides her with a very pleasant massage upwards.

“BUTTERING” position


Firmly planted in the rear opening, the man turns round such that he is able to support his body on palms and on the tip of the toes. In this position the man can make come-and-go movements as well as circular ones. The woman won’t stay passive, but will answer with soft movements of the pelvis according to the ones made by the man.
In the “buttering” position the man procures for the woman an extraordinary
massage of her G-spot, so that few women can resist as such stimulation
without having a profound orgasm (of course we are talking about non-ejaculatory orgasm).
If the man feels that he is get close to the climax he has to stop moving and
focus his attention in the heart area in order to sublimate the sexual energy.
This is available for the woman too.


The man lies on the woman. She encompasses his thighs, prepared to take him up to the hilt. He insinuates himself inside her gently and deeply anchored there he cuddles her, stroking her back, hips, breasts. To abandon herself to her lover’s desires still more, she draws up her legs and spreads them slightly to be able to, thus, proffer her vulva completely to the glans and penis shaft.
Still in the same position, the male lover can also amuse himself with the anal
opening of his lover if he knows that she loves anal penetrations. Here the
woman can relax in the best possible manner and the man has full control over the penetration of his penis into the warm and constricted opening, which she offers him with love and trust. He holds her by her hips, can bite her neck and have his hands pass over her breasts, while thrusting ever deeper. In bothcases the man’s desire is complete and of long duration.
This position is proper for raising the sexual energy and sublimation it in pure love. To achieve this elevated emotion – pure love, during this position the lovers have not to concentrate to the genital pleasure, but they have to
concentrate their attention to the heart area and become conscious of the flying feeling that this position produces. If the lovers abandon them to the flyingfeeling they feel that they are immersed in an ocean of pure love.


Lying on the stomach, legs interlaced, the man and the woman turn with their
backs to each other. However, the special effect of this position may be
somewhat painful for some men, whose short and thick penis can only be flexed with difficulty. In the continuation of this position the woman, who maintains her balance with one arm now facing her lover and who is supported on the
man’s body, is only titillated at the entrance to her vagina by the glans.
Naturally this is only foreplay to deeper coitus. The man inserts his erect penis into the vagina by turning gently to one side. The vagina is now ready to receive it in its totality.
This position is proper for those lovers who are beginners in the art of sexual
energy control. “The caress of the bud” position offers to the lovers the
possibility to become more conscious about intensity of pleasure and also to
reduce it by stopping the movement when they feel they are get close to the
For sublimation the sexual energy they have to concentrate their attention in
the middle of the forehead. This will induce a clear-minded state in both lovers, which will help them to control the sexual energy and to sublimate it in more elevated energies.

PART XI Covers – More Sexual Positions To attain elevated sexual pleasures

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