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Based on popular demand from readers to release notes on Kamasutra that could help them in making their sexual life more pleasurable and elegant. We have started a series that cover major positions of Kamasutra that deliver heightened pleasures to men and women, with detailed instructions.

Man should study the Kama Sutra and the arts and sciences subordinate
thereto, in addition to the study of the arts and sciences contained in Dharma
and Artha. Even young maids should study this Kama Sutra along with its arts
and sciences before marriage, and after it they should continue to do so with
the consent of their husbands.

The following are the arts to be studied, together with the Kama Sutra:

  • Singing
  • Playing on musical instruments
  • Dancing

Kinds of sexual union according to dimensions, force of desire or
passion, time

Kind of Union
Man is divided into three classes, viz. the hare man, the bull man, and the
horse man
, according to the size of his lingam.
Woman also, according to the depth of her yoni, is either a female deer, a
mare, or a female elephant


Now the embrace which indicates the mutual love of a man and woman who
have come together is of four kinds:

  • Touching
  • Rubbing
  • Piercing
  • Pressing

The action in each case is denoted by the meaning of the word which stands for it.
When a man under some pretext or other goes in front or alongside of a woman and touches her body with his own, it is called the `touching embrace’.


On kissing
It is said by some that there is no fixed time or order between the embrace,
the kiss, and the pressing or scratching with the nails or fingers, but that all
these things should be done generally before sexual union takes place, while
striking and making the various sounds generally takes place at the time of the union. Vatsyayana, however, thinks that anything may take place at any time,for love does not care for time or order.
On the occasion of the first congress, kissing and the other things mentioned
above should be done moderately, they should not be continued for a long
time, and should be done alternately. On subsequent occasions, however, the
reverse of all this may take place, and moderation will not be necessary, they
may continue for a long time, and, for the purpose of kindling love, they may
be all done at the same time.


On pressing, or marking, or scratching with nails

When love becomes intense, pressing with the nails or scratching the body with them is practised, and it is done on the following occasions: on the first visit; at the time of setting out on a journey; on the return from a journey; at the time when an angry lover is reconciled; and lastly when the woman is intoxicated.
But pressing with the nails is not a usual thing except with those who are
intensely passionate, i.e. full of passion. It is employed, together with biting, by those to whom the practice is agreeable.


On biting, and the means to be employed with regard to women of different countries
All the places that can be kissed are also the places that can be bitten, except
the upper lip, the interior of the mouth, and the eyes.
The qualities of good teeth are as follows: They should be equal, possessed of a pleasing brightness, capable of being coloured, of proper proportions, unbroken, and with sharp ends.
The defects of teeth on the other hand are that they are blunt, protruding from the gums, rough, soft, large, and loosely set.
The following are the different kinds of biting:

  • The hidden bite
  • The swollen bite
  • The point
  • The line of points
  • The coraand the jewel
  • The line of jewels
  • The broken cloud
  • The biting of the boar


Part II begins with – Of the different ways of lying down, and various kinds of congress

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