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Extreme Foreplay is always considered to be the part of great sex. Millions of sexual studies show that taking a woman to the extreme love making sessions can only be done by extreme foreplay. Extreme foreplay is a range of several activities like kissing, petting, undressing and oral sex etc.

In actual terms, foreplay means sexual, sensual and stimulation. It is really essential for an extended act of extreme love making. The wrong idea about foreplay is having the oral sex that is stimulating each other sex organs with the help of figures and tongue. Foreplay is not about only playing attention towards only sex organs but to focus the entire body of your partner.

The Extreme foreplay do not involve your body, but also your eyes.

Like working out, sex can be bad—and possibly dangerous—if you haven’t warmed up properly. Look, we know you’re desperate to get to the good stuff (trust us, so is she). But like that first minute on a roller coaster, foreplay can be an electric, exciting way to bring her higher and higher before taking the plunge.

If you take the time and make the right moves, you’ll find yourself loving the pre-game as much as you do the grand finale. But there’s more to foreplay than just rounding the bases and heading home. We asked women to find out how to make foreplay creative and exciting—and the moves that leave them desperate for more.

You have to apply all day foreplay techniques in order to have extreme love making sessions. The all day foreplay helps you having wild and extreme love making at the end of day. This just does not convey that you only need sex but communicate a lot about your feelings for your woman.


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Extreme Foreplay and Love making Tips

Extreme Sensations

Extreme sensations begins in her brain. “Brain is the biggest sexual organ of women”. Give your woman specific compliments and appreciate her sensual body. Your compliments turn on her brain, give her security and give her reasons to go out all for extreme love making.

It is the First Time

It is the first time thinking frame will always give you an experience you never had. This feeling and imagination always put excitement in extreme love making. This thinking can definitely help you doing multiple things like dancing together, sensual undressing and more kissing.

Be Masculine

You can give your woman the most intense sexual experiences and orgasms by being masculine. Be more masculine and make her feel more feminine.

10 Extreme Foreplay Tips

1. Eastern swirl and poke

Dr Pam suggests a little trick that your man can use to make you go wild.

“When you’ve started foreplay and you’re kissing and caressing, he should move on down your body and use the ‘Eastern Swirl and Poke’ kissing technique,” she explains.

“He relaxes his lips and allows his tongue to swirl around the tips of your nipples. Then he alternates this sensation with a gentle poking action from the tip of his tongue. He can also move down your body to use on you for oral-sex pleasure.” Show him how you like.

You can help him suck his penis as he licks ur nipples.

suck nipples suck penis - extreme foreplays

2. Go for the grind

Founder of Cliterati, Emily Dubberly says it’s all about grinding to get you worked up.

“Rather than going purely for penetration or clitoral stimulation, try grinding against your man’s thigh or opt for some good old-fashioned dry humping,” she suggests.” That way, you can stimulate your pubic mound and way more of your clitoris than usual – it can work just as well with your clothes on as off.”

One thing for your man to consider is paying more attention to your breasts. Sexpert and owner of online sex retailer Jo Divine, Samantha Evans says, “Most men love boobs but don’t give them much attention during foreplay, rushing to your more obvious body parts. Get your man to devote more time, lavishly massaging oil into your gorgeous breasts and concentrating on your nipples with both his fingers and mouth”. You’ll both enjoy it!

3. Moves like a movie star

Being a bit of a tease is a good thing when it comes to foreplay so when you’re getting down to it, why not try and keep up the anticipation for an entire film?

“If you want to really turn your guy on try lubing your hand thoroughly then gripping and releasing your man rather than sliding your hand up and down – this will make it easier for you to keep going for longer.

holding penis - extreme foreplays

Position your thumb on the frenulum (the stringy bit that runs from the head to the shaft) as it tends to be the most sensitive. Try teasing him for an ENTIRE film, stopping just before climax then starting again for a truly explosive finish.” Works every time. Massage him with YES Organic Lube and watch him go wild.

4. For his ears only

When it comes to stimulating your guy, sometimes you too can forget that it’s not just about the obvious areas. Dr. Pam suggests you move your attentions elsewhere…

“A much neglected erogenous zone for him is behind the ears and the earlobes. Create new sensations for him by stroking this area with your fingertips as you kiss.

Better yet if you have long nails gently scratch and tickle behind his ears. Now trace a line with your tongue around his ear lobe, and if you feel like it, start whispering the beginning of a hot fantasy into his ear.” Trust us, he’ll be up for anything after hearing it.

5. Experiment with new sensations

The trick to fiery foreplay is playing with hot and cold sensations.

Sex and Relationships Expert and columnist for GQ, Christina Wellor says, “An icy tongue on the tip of his penis or a hot mouth enveloping it, will make a blow job even more mind blowing than usual.”

Samantha recommends adding some food to the mix too. “Smear chocolate cake onto your partner’s face or blob cream on their nose. Relish licking cream or honey from his penis, just like a lollipop! Dollop some jam or chocolate spread on his nipples and listen to him squeal with pleasure as you slowly suck it off.” You’ll never think of food in the same way again.

ice sucking nipples mouth - extreme foreplays

6. Control it

Couples often find comfort in familiar things but it’s so important to try mixing it up from time to time. Try a new sex toy, or better yet, try a sex toy with a remote control.

Samantha says, “There are several remote control sex toys that you can wear to get your juices flowing, so why not try a We-Vibe Plus 4 and let your man take control of the remote. Slip it in before going to dinner (or even to the cinema) and let your man take control of your sexual pleasure”.

The element of surprise will catch them you off guard and heighten your levels of sensory experience and excitement.

7. Oral Sex for him

Sex and Relationship expert Rachael McCoy spills her sexiest secret for mind blowing oral sex for your man.

“The key to this is teasing! Don’t go straight in for the goodies. Get on your knees looking provocatively into your partners eyes, part his legs and slowly lick his inner thighs in long, soft stroking motions.

oral sex sucking penis - extreme foreplays

Blow over the area that you’ve just licked to create a different sensation and then lay soft, warm kisses getting closer and closer towards his naughty bits. Use your hands to run over his chest, abdomen and thighs using firm pressure. The contrast of firm and light pressure will have him just about ready to explode waiting for you to get your mouth around him.”

8. Mutual Masturbation

It might not be one for everyone, but Rachael says mutual masturbation can be a huge turn-on.

“If you’re nervous, start by setting the mood with some music, candles and dressing in something seductive to boost your confidence.

“Make sure that you’re comfortable and start to touch and stroke your skin, all over your body using the front and back of your hands. Watch your own hands as they glide over your body and then look up every so often to give him a cheeky smile.”

mutual masturbation - extreme foreplays

When you’ve built up enough anticipation, look him dead in the eye as you start to please yourself. Make sure to show him what you’re doing when you’re enjoying yourself before bringing yourself to full on climax. You doing this shows confidence which is incredibly sexy for him.

To help get you in the mood quicker massage yourself with Durex Pure Bliss, an erotic massager with velvet soft edges that will take you from warm and sexy to HOT and ready. ​He’ll never forget it…

9. Arousing the senses

Being blindfolded can be a super-kinky way to take your foreplay to the next level.

Rachael says,”Take turns to blindfold each-other and caress and tease one body part at a time with as many different textures as possible. Try using ice, feathers, silk, a paddle or whip and experiment with different techniques and sensations.”

Use toys made from glass or metal, such as icicle or njoy for an alternative sexual sensation to a vibrator or silicone dildo. Samantha says, “These can be heated in warm water to induce a warming sensation or cooled in fridge to create a breathtaking feeling especially around the clitoris and when used on nipples – just like ice cubes!”

Heightening all of your senses will make each touch extra intense – have fun with it ladies.

10. Create your own sex show

Samantha says, “Men are highly visual and become aroused by just watching, so put on your very own sex show and let him see what turns you on. Tell him he can only look, not touch and use your favourite sex toy.” He’s sure to go crazy.

If you’re comfortable, add some bondage to your tease. Rachael says, “Sit your man on a chair in the middle of a room and tie his hands behind his back. Get some sexy heels on and an eye catching outfit and provocatively walk around the chair gliding your hands over his body as you go.

lingerie show in bedroom - extreme foreplays

“When you’re ready sit on his lap facing him with your legs straddled around his waist. Dominantly move his head to one side as you lick and gently bite his neck and earlobes.Then wrap your arms around his shoulders and gyrate over his bulge without letting him enter you, with your breasts pushed against his chest until he begs to be untied.”

Use naughty bondage toys such as the Sex and Mischief range of whips, ties and blindfolds to keep him firmly secured to the bed and in his place.

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