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The dating that starts well have more chance of sustenance.

I hear it over and over–“It was going so great, and then she disappeared on me… why? What happened–we were having such a great time together. I’m tired of this happening–I want to date sexy women, but I want them to stick around. Do you have any dating tips for me?” or “I am not a good first time dater and it never started off well”

Yes, I do. Every time I talk to a guy who tells me this, I discover he’s making the exact same mistakes most guys do, dating mistakes that kill his chances of successfully dating sexy women. So, I give him some dating tips to skyrocket his success with sexy women. Well sexyness is subjective, a woman that you find sexy might be dry for others. Guys mostly date girls, whom they think are sexy and hot.

Few are experts in connecting with women – whether first or multiple times. For some first date is a magical experience while for others it can be as torturous as root canal, everything depends on the person you meet, your outfit, your mood, and numerous other factors. To last a great first impression on your first date you need the advice of a professional dating mentor.

A dating mentor is a person who helps to bring your best foot forward and guide you to achieve your goals and realize your dreams. We are presenting here their top suggestions to help you make a stellar first impression.

We will cover mannerisms, preparation and rules of dating so that you become dating expert in three minutes read!

The most important of all is dating mannerisms, let us check some of the powerful tools to impress a woman (infact girls can use some of these to impress a man).

Dating Mannerisms

The following mannerisms will be of importance to you as you look forward to having a great first time or a successful date. You need to develop these dating traits, if these are still not into you.

1). Plan

Last minute rush is an enemy of any successful plan. It may prove so disastrous or so spontaneous to your date and this may negatively affect your date. Plan well in advance and ensure you have enough peace within you as the date time approaches. Set your expectations for the date and at least let your date agree with your agreement. Ensure you organize in advance proper parking and show that you are a very organized person. Key dating mannerism 1 – proper planning is of importance.


Ensure that which you have chosen is in tune with what your date will truly enjoy. Ensure you are relevant in your choices. This will ensure both of you enjoy the date as well as have a great date. Key dating mannerism 2 – make sure your date feels completely in place as far as the date is concerned.

3). Respect

The fact of the matter is that you really appreciate your date. She or he may be very admirable to look at but show some respect. Do not be too soon on dwelling on the physical aspect of the beauty. You might just manhandle him or her which is a big mistake in a date. Key dating mannerism 3 – value your date.

how to date a girl lady woman female respect

4). Stay Light

Find something a little positive that both of you can share in without either party getting embarrassed. Find out what your date likes most or would prefer and provide that. You could take her or him to watch a comedy if they like that or a walk at a water park if they like water. Key dating mannerism 4 – avoid talking about exes or anything that is not meant for the date.

5). Connection

All these tips will not be of any benefit if the both of you involved cannot connect. Take time and effort to find what is common between both of you. Take a little time to learn your partner’s past and childhood. This will help you to know if you have same values and outlook into life. Key dating mannerism 5 – this is a very important time to explore into your partner because it will help you know how to run the relationship.

6). Be in anticipation

Dating tips will help you a lot if you know how and what to anticipate in a date. Try to look your best. Key dating mannerism 6 – be light in your actions in expectation for more as the relationship progresses.

how to date a girl lady woman female anticipation

7). Laugh a little

You cannot have a cold date whatsoever. Lighten up your date by passing on some laughter once in a while. Laughter is attractive, bonding and so infectious and releases nervousness. Key dating mannerism 7 – If it is a movie, ensure it is a funny one that will leave both of you laughing all through.

Preparation of Dating

Be conventional

Dating tip #1: Don’t date. Yes, that’s right–don’t date. Think about a traditional “date”–it’s full of pressure, awkwardness, evaluation and it just plain sucks. What do you do on a “traditional date?” Dinner, movie, kiss goodnight, she doesn’t return your calls. Or you have drinks, and try to “make your move,” and we all know where that ends up. Much better (and cheaper) to meet for coffee–it’s fun and relaxed with none of the normal dating expectations.

Talk less, express more

Dating tip #2: The less you do and say, the more she’s attracted to you. Most guys try to impress sexy women, or “lay a rap” on them. Sexy women have heard it all before. But, if you ask her about herself, shut up and listen, and display a SMALL degree of interest, she’ll begin to wonder why you’re not slobbering all over her. She’ll want to discover more… now you’re a challenge, and sexy women love challenging guys. Why? Because they rarely meet one. This is a HUGE dating tip.

how to date a girl lady woman female less talk express more

Be quirky

Dating tip #3 Be a “naughty little boy.” Another big dating tip. Remember the “class clown” in elementary school–the guy who was “cool and funny” all at the same time? When you’re talking to sexy women, make unexpected and mischievous comments, the kind that leave them thinking, “I can’t believe he just said that… but I like it.” This shows sexy women you’re NOT impressed by their looks, that you need to see more. This is so different from what they’re used to they can’t help but be attracted. I cannot emphasize the importance of this dating tip.

No canned response!

Dating tip #4 Avoid all canned pick up lines, “laying a rap,” or any type of “acting.” Sexy women have heard it all before, and as soon as you spout one, you’re instantly a JAG (just another guy). And JAG’s don’t get sexy women–remember this dating tip!

Be unique

Dating tip #5 Sexy women are approached and hit on 20 to 30 times a day. This is their world–to get into it, you have to be different from the 20 guys who’ve already talked to her. (see Dating tip #3 for how to be different to sexy women).

Be ready for demands

Dating tip #6 Look out for her tests. Sexy women (indeed, all women) will test you to see if you’ll stand up to them. If you can’t stand up to her, you can’t stand up for her. If she asks you to buy her things, that’s a test–and a perfect opportunity to be a “naughty little boy” (see Dating tip #3). Say something like, “What do I look like an ATM machine? You should buy ME something, just for the privilege of spending time with me. I like sexy women who buy me things!” This is said in a playful–yet firm–manner that lets her know you’re onto her. When you pass their tests, it drives sexy women wild with desire. Very important dating tip.

how to date a girl lady woman female gifting


Dating tip #7 Date multiple sexy women at once (or create an impression that you do), and make sure the others know about it. Sexy women love a man who is attractive to other sexy women, and will compete to “win you.” (Here’s another dating tip: for proof of this, read any good romance novel). If you want to settle down, you can choose one, but she will always know you’re desired by other sexy women–and in a strange way, this creates even more attraction for you. This dating tip really is a secret, but it works very well with sexy women.

Rules of first time dating

The following rules are summarized, given by Professional Dating Coaches to make your first date memorable.

  1. Memorize your lines: Spend time to memorize your best lines and anecdotes on friends, family or in front of mirror. If you are well prepared for your first date, it will give you more confidence and save you from any awkward silence.
  2. Consider options other than dinner: Avoid wasting time on dinner at your first date. Rather you should try something interactive and childlike. You can go for a walk on beach or go to open houses. You can even opt for playing Frisbee in the park followed by test driving cars. All these things creates instant bonding and gives you something to talk rather than wasting time and discussing about the menu.
  3. Don’t ignore the awkward moments: Try to acknowledge any awkward moment that crop on your first date. First dates are considered anxiety provoking on both sides but if you talk about the elephant in the room, it will break the tension.
  4. Keep it short: Keep your first date short, no longer than 1 hour. This will keep the investment relatively low if one person is not feeling comfortable. And if both of you are attracted towards each other, it will help to anticipate for your next date. Stick to this rule no matter how much chemistry you both feel for each other.
  5. Ditch the three-day rule: If you feel good during your first date, remember to call on the way home to say “Thanks for the great time.” Don’t wait for few days to say this. This move will wow your first date.
  6. Reach out and touch someone: Try little physical contact during your first date, try going for ice skating or opt for roller coaster ride. This human contact creates effortless connection between the two person that never feels forced.
  7. Take the focus off me, myself, and I: The best first date move for a men is to make the lady feel comfortable. If the lady is comfortable with you, she’s going to trust you which means both of you will have fun. For lady it is important to think about him first. Make him feel interesting. Any positive reinforcement will do wonders. If your date is having great time with you then chances are you’ll be asked for date two.

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