Consequences of contraception associated with contraceptive methods

Contraception kills, yes it does. Contraception is directly related to the increase in surgical abortion; not only of unexpected pregnancies (over half of surgical abortions were on women on contraception) but also of expected pregnancies. Abortions lead to prematurity of next babies, which sometimes means even more deaths.

Abortion is the fruit of contraception. If you really want to fight surgical abortion, you’ve got to fight contraception and replace lust with true love, God. Abortion is the hydra head of the lustive contraceptive mentality.

Contraception is a wrong name, since contraceptives don’t always stop conception but work by killing the newly formed human being (with different DNA than the parents): all IUDs are abortives, and all hormonal contraception is abortifacient.

Contraception leads to an increase in artificial fertilization (IVF) because it leads to sterility. IVF leads to abortion by:

  • selection and discarding (i.e. killing) the extra embryos
  • freezing (slow death)
  • experimentation (stem cell research)

Contraception leads to the death of the mothers by cancer, cardiovascular problems, sexually transmitted dieseases (HIV, HPV), suicide.

Major problems associated with contraceptives

Ramifications of contraceptive methods

Contraception is the basis of the culture of death. Contraception kills. Save lives: kill contraception.

Contraception results in:

a) Increase in irresponsible sex (due to the anti-scientific false notion of safe sex, since all contraceptives fails.

b) Increase in unexpected pregnancies, since all contraceptives fail, sooner or later (failure rates) and there is more irresponsible sex.

Major problems associated with contraceptives

c) Increase in illegitimate children: if we add surgical and ‘contraceptive’ abortions, you shouldn’t be a surprised if over 90% of US babies are conceived outside first marriage, with the corresponding 4 generation curse (lifted by baptism while in state of grace).

d) Destruction of marriage by

– Destruction of the natural meaning of sex, by separating pleasure from openness to life.

– Destruction of the natural meaning of couple love: true love is fecund / fertile / bountiful. Sex was meant to show complete self-donation (not withdrawing fertility and lifelong fidelity). Sex not opened to life is destructive selfishness: eventually it destroys the love (if there was any) of ANY relationship. Stats show a direct relationship between contraception and couple rotation and divorce.

Mortal sin (e.g. contraception) destroys the relationship with God. God is Love (not lustful love, pious love as seen in mother-son, dad-daughter), the source of ALL love. If you have sex outside a marriage opened to life, you kill love.

– Increase of commercial prostitution, pornography, cosmetic surgery, immodesty. Contraception leads to treat women (and body parts) as objects of pleasure. The person becomes a mere service provider (disposable).

Major problems associated with contraceptive methods

– Increase of infidelity: not only because by using contraception you are giving the “ab-use me” message but also because the infidel thinks there will be no proof of his whereabouts (bastard children).

– Decrease in elegance and fashion: women dress today as hookers before.

– Increase but also ‘domestic’ prostitution: many women end up trading ‘sex for perks’. Contraceptive marriage becomes the union of two selfishnesses , the source of endless discussions and negotiations about sex or compensations.

– Increase in domestic discussions and violence

– Destruction of the natural meaning of marriage: lifelong union and procreation.

– Increase of divorce. Changing the nature of divorce into mere repudiation: legal systems tend to make difficult to punish the guilty part (e.g. infidelity, home abandonment, etc.).

– Promotion of unnatural relationships, such as gay unions. Prior to the contraceptive mentality, marriage was always the natural ONLY moral place for sex.

– Destruction of courtship/engagement. Those words have been replaced by “dating” which is not the same. The finality of dating is no longer marriage, people break up before even reaching the marrying point or by reaching it!

– Increase of cohabitation: guys don’t want to marry (accept responsibilities) if they can have all the sex they want without paying alimony. Related to this, is the increase of the median age of first marriage.

– Increase of natural family planning even without grave reasons (which means it is a mortal sin):

e) Increase in children’s problems due to the lack of a true stable marriage: child abuse, poverty, homosexuality, psychological problems, inability to lifelong commitment, etc.

f) Increase in sex crimes (child abuse, rape): men become more beastly, since they lost sexual self-control for instant satisfaction. Contraception teaches men not to respect women and her needs and timings.

Sex crimes - Major problems associated with contraceptive methods

g) Increase in psychological related problems (n.b. women): unhappiness, nutrition disorders (overweight, bulimia, anorexia), phobias, neurosis, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs), depression, suicide, etc.

h) Increase in crime rates and all bad sociological variables: contraception (i.e. mortal sin) leads to the evilization of society, not only it affects the contraceptive parents but their children too.

i) increase in health problems: premature babies, infant mortality rate, women’s life expectancy, etc.

j) relativization of human life value: euthanasia, post-birth murder, any murder, denying health coverage to people with no good prognosis, selling of organs/blood, lax redefinition of death in order to harvest organs, war.

k) The economic consequences of contraception: low economic growth (in normal situations, directly related to population), higher poverty and lower educational levels (related to single parenting), broken retirement systems (if funded by next generations), etc.

Contraception is public enemy number. Not only it costs human lives but also costs the Government (and taxpayers) billions of welfare, security and health dollars to unsuccesfully patch the social consequences of broken families (men, women and children).

If someone is interested in justice, peace, defending human rights, it would be irrational not to prioritize fighting against contraception.

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