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What’s one rule to keep from serious sexually transmitted diseases like HIV? How could teenage pregnancy be avoided? Condoms! Much has been said and written about how safe sexual activities can get via using condoms. And it is true to a great extent. But there is something that can make condoms risky, very risky!

We consider three most popular issues – most talked about and discussed topics on CONDOM.

Let us discuss about first problem. Weakness of Condoms.

Condoms can sometimes rip or tear!!! This definitely means that the purpose for which you are using it may go unfulfilled. A ripped or torn condom will provide no protection at all! So what should be done? Is there a way to avoid condom risks? Well, using and storing them properly can help reduce this risk.

Looking next another problem.

Does the condom size matters. How size can help in giving more pleasure.

Of all the different condom sizes out there, which one is the right size for you?  Choosing a condom that is the proper size is the best way to maximize both pleasure and protection during sex.  The problem most men face it that they believe all condoms are created equal.  I’m going to let you in on a little secret – they’re not.

Condom as contraceptives. How women can ask men to use it.

If you are into a relationship and you and your partner decide to be intimate, there is a need to put contraceptives in place. If both of you are already aware of the numerous types of contraceptives available in the market, for sure, there would not be much problem about the contraceptives to be used.

All About Condoms

1. Weakness of Condoms

There are many factors that can responsible for weakening condoms. Heat, sun, oils, and chemicals are known to be the main culprits. These elements can make condoms highly susceptible to breakage.

The Solution

It is crucial to keep condoms away from heat and light. This will help dry them out. It is not advisable to use other substances such as oils or lotions along with a condom. Most people are used to carrying a condom in their wallet. This is not a wise idea. Wallet is a place where the condom may be folded or sat on. It can even wear down the material and cause the condom to break. Moreover, it is not recommended to open a condom with a sharp object. Strictly avoid using scissors or teeth for the same.

The Expiration Date

This is important yet the most overlooked fact among condom users. Check the expiration date on the condom. Over time, the material used to make condoms can go weak. Hence, it is not a good idea to use one that has crossed its expiration date.

Learn to Use Condoms Properly

Most of us have believe how easy it to use condoms. No wonder the incidents of ripping and tearing have become common. Understand that condoms have a tendency to rip during use if they don’t fit properly. You need to put them on correctly. The key is to leave adequate room at the tip of the condom.

Condoms may also tear if there is too much friction and inadequate lubrication. Sometimes the condom comes into contact with one’s nails, piercings, rings, teeth, or other sharp edges. This does all the damage.

how to wear condom

Condoms are known to be the only kind of birth control that can help prevent pregnancy and all types of STDs. Hence, it is important to use and store them properly. In the event where a condom breaks and you or your partner is concerned about pregnancy, call your health care provider immediately. You need to discuss emergency contraception to prevent further damage.

It is important that both partners should be tested for STDs. Since sexually transmitted diseases don’t show signs and symptoms, people are often not aware that they have an infection. Unfortunately, untreated infection cause serious health problems. Now we move to next most talked about issue condom size.

2. Choosing the Right Condom Size

If you experience any of these 3 situations, you are using the wrong condom size.

1.  The condom slips off during intercourse
2.  The condom breaks during intercourse
3.  Your sensation during sex with a condom is not as pleasurable as it could be

Why Condom Width Is The Most Important

The average condom is 7.5 inches long.  There is not much variety in condom length, yet this is where most men focus their attention.  Research shows that condoms stretch very well along their length, but do not stretch well along their width.  You can even test this at home with one of your condoms.

Condoms that are too narrow have a tendency to break and restrict your pleasure.  Condoms that are too wide for you have a tendency to slide off.

Snug condoms are those that measure less than 2 inches wide when pressed flat.  Regular condoms are 2 inches wide, large condoms are more than 2 inches wide and condoms with extra head room are more than 2.5 inches wide at the head.

If you are less than 5 inches in girth, you will get the most pleasure and reliable protection by choosing a snug condom that is less than 2 inches wide.

If you are right around 5 inches in girth, you should choose a regular sized condom that is 2 inches wide to get the most out of sex.

If you are more than 5 inches in girth, consider either a large condom or one with extra head room to make sure you have the proper fit.

condom size type thickess

Condom Thickness Matters

Certain condom manufacturers spend more money on marketing and gimmicks than on research and development.  Are you using condoms based on who shows the most ads or who has the most shelf-space at your local store?

Fortunately, a select few companies have done men a great service and figured out how to engineer cutting edge ultra thin condoms that offer more pleasure and more strength than the average condom.

You are missing out on the best of all possible worlds if you are using a condom that is too thick.  It will decrease your pleasure and make you not want to use a condom.  Instead, you need to look for ultra thin condoms that get high ratings for reliability and pleasure.

3. Condom as Contraceptive and How women convince men to use it

Usually, there surfaces a problem about who would be responsible for the contraceptives. While there are many forms of contraceptives for women, like birth control pills, injections, sponges and IUDs, there are only two known contraceptives for men. Those are vasectomy and the use of condoms.

Why Condom?

Vasectomy is seldom chosen. That is because this surgical operation is done to cut a tube within the testicles that is essential for the passing and release of the sperm cells, which unite with women’s egg cells to form fetuses in wombs. For some men, the process is frightening because of its permanency. That is because the man’s ability to induce pregnancy or conception would be removed for life. Some men do not welcome the operations because of fear that sexual performance would be altered.

Condom Is Safe

The use of condoms is then quite obviously the most common form of contraceptives for men. Through condoms, the semen that contains the sperm cells would be prevented from entering a woman’s womb. The condom is the most accessible, cheapest and easiest to use form of male contraceptives. It is also significantly less costly compared to almost all female contraceptives.

how women convince offer condom to men

Hey How Can I Ask Him To Use Condom

Now the problem is how to ask men to wear condoms. Some men, when caught up in the moment, are just not sensitive and considerate on women’s basic rights and feelings. It is old-fashioned and archaic to think it is the woman’s sole responsibility to put contraceptives in place because she will be the one who will conceive and get pregnant.

As simple advise, it would be effective if you would openly and diplomatically ask your partner to wear condoms. If he asks why you do not want female contraceptives, tell him it is because condoms are the cheapest and most reliable. There would be no side effects for the both of you, unlike in female contraceptives that incur several noticeable and negligible adverse side effects.

You could both attend a safe sex counseling session. If the efforts still fail, it would be time you assess your relationship. Men should also be sensitive and considerate about women’s feelings and rights. Sex is both enjoyed by both genders. Why would women solely bear the burden of contraception? It is time to be fair. Besides, it does not hurt to wear condoms. The most common complaint, that condoms reduce sensation, can be alleviated by making sure both of you pick out a condom that works well within your sexual relationship. As such, open communication and discussion is the most important part of securing a healthy and safe sexual relationship.

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  1. Lambskin feels the most natural but does’t protect against STDS Latex protects but some are allergict them. Lubricated are better than non and a resivor tip will help to not bust when you ejaculate. As for brand is your own personal choice. Trojans are most popular though. I mostly use durex. Out of all the brands that I have used – Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles, Crown, Beyond Seven, Trustex, Ria and Manforce. I found Crown condoms better. Others are almost same.

  2. Gay69Henry says:

    You’re in the middle of a hot and heavy make out session with your girlfriend or boyfriend. All of a sudden, you realize that this is it — you’re about to have sex. You both lean over and reach for a condom at the same time, but wait… here’s where the dream sequence gets fuzzy. Exactly what kind of condom is it? If you’ve ever checked out the “family planning” section at your local drugstore, you know there are lots of different condom types to choose from. Although most condoms can help protect you from sexually transmitted infections and reduce the risk of pregnancy, not all are made the same. Should you go for lubed or dry? Does spermicide really help or hurt? And what’s up with “ribbed for pleasure” and all those colors and flavors? Don’t let these choices throw you for a latex loop. Here’s the lowdown on some different condom varieties. ===== Latex and the Others ==== Most condoms are made of latex, a stretchy substance tapped from rubber trees. Latex condoms offer the best protection against pregnancy and infections, but unfortunately, some people have latex allergies. If you’re one of them, you’ve got an option — polyurethane condoms, or female condoms that are made of a type of plastic. ===== Lubed v. Dry ===== Some condoms come with a thin layer of lubrication already on them. Other condoms without the lube are considered “dry.” Lubricated condoms are the best for vaginal and anal intercourse — they feel better and are less likely to break from friction. But since lube doesn’t have the most appetizing taste (unless it’s flavored), dry condoms are often preferred for oral sex. ===== Should You Use Nonoxynol-9?===== If you choose to go with lubricated condoms, check the package to see if your condoms contain nonoxynol-9. This spermicide can reduce the risk of pregnancy. Researchers used to think that it also lowered the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. However, we now know that nonoxynol-9, if used many times a day, can actually irritate the vulva, vagina, penis, and especially the rectum. This irritation can actually increase the chance of getting an infection. Of course, a condom with nonoxynol-9 is far better than no condom at all. For increased comfort, you can also use extra water-based lube, like K-Y® jelly or Astroglide®. Oil-based lubricants, like Vaseline® or other petroleum jellies or mineral or vegetable oils, will damage latex condoms. ===== Safe Styling ===== If you’re down with the latest fashions, plain-Jane condoms might not be your thing. Lucky for you, condoms come in many different colors, flavors, and textures. Be it red, green, or camouflage, colors add a new look to spice things up. Flavored condoms — like chocolate, strawberry, honeydew, or banana — may be preferred for oral sex. Ribbed, studded, or other textured condoms are marketed for a different feel for both partners during intercourse, but a lot of people don’t feel a difference. If you decide to get exotic with your condom choices, make sure whatever you pick is FDA-approved to prevent pregnancy and infections. Some condoms are just novelty items and aren’t designed for serious protection.

  3. olonga pedro says:

    I was addicted to porn and especially masturbation for a very long time. I suffered a lot both mentally and physically. Some symptoms includes hair loss, small stature, terrible memory, social anxiety etc. This habit developed in me not using condoms and I insisted on having unprotected sex. I made 3 of my GFs pregnant and ask them to abort. I used to be very hard on makign them sip semen too. I have changed a lot. I know i committed sins by being harsh on them. I use condoms and do not push semen in mouth with my new gf.

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