If you and your partner have determined it’s time to bring a new addition to the family but you are not quite sure how to conceive, this is the guide for you. I will teach you how to increase your opportunities of conceiving. Continue reading to see how to get pregnant at home.

What sexual positions are the best to get pregnant fast? Before we take this additional it is leading to know it is potential to get pregnant in any position. This is because pregnancy always happens when the male sperm meets up with the egg when its traveling to the uterus up to the women fallopian tube. But many couples find it hard to conceive and there can be several reasons behind that, along with emotional stress, obesity, drugs and of procedure low sperm count but what is most leading in this process is to get the sperm near the female cervix close as possible.

You should start with these sex positions I am about to reveal to you. Do not attempt the woman-on-top positions, cross positions, and rear-entry positions which do not apply excess force on her belly and do not get her pregnant faster.

Spooning is preferred amongst a lot of partners; it gives easy entrance and a feeling of closeness. If you feel strong emotions and in the state for inner penetration, attempt an altered doggy-style position with your partner’s breast laying on the bed. Oral sex is another effective alternative to stimulate faster and make her vulva open wider.

Best Ways To Get Pregnant

But some agree that there are sexual positions to get pregnant faster and it makes sense when you think about it that some sexual positions can honestly make the disagreement this is because in clear positions the gravity will allow the sperm to leak out. The woman’s hips should be positioned also in a way to keep the sperm inside to make more time for the sperm to swim to the female cervix.

Missionary position

Missionary position is always the best because the gravity will sustain the sperm to voyage to the uterus where the egg will be and it allows the deepest potential penetration and sex position which has the women on her back will also increase the changes of pregnancy.

missionary sex position

Spoon position

The spoon position is someone else sex position that is helpful to get pregnant fast and it is intimate and cozy position to be in this is where the women lie on her side curled in a C and the partner facing your back and curled around you then he enters the vagina from behind while you both are lying on your sides the spoon position will help the sperm to be put in the right place which will increase the convert of conceive.

spoon sex position

Side by side position

Another selection is the side by side position where you and your lover lie side by side, facing each other this position can be done anywhere. He will then slip his leg over yours and enters you from an angle. You will lie on your back and he on his side. Then you put the legs that are closest to him over his legs and he can enter you from the back side and still have his face close to yours which makes this position to be cozy and intimated.

side by side sex pose for conception

Doggy style

The doggy style position is one of many favorites and the gravity is the key in this position which will help the sperm to get in the right place but this might not be a comfortable position to remain in for a long time but this position is very popular.

doggy sex pose for faster preganancy

Pillow fun

When you are having intercourse put a small pillow under your hips this will help the sperm more honestly swim up through the cervix and after sex hold still for around 20-30 minutes this will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

pillow fun sex

Finally the positions to avoid are woman on top, standing or sitting – this is because it can cause the semen to leak and it may corollary in fewer sperm counts reaching their way to the egg.

I hope you have new knowledge about best ways to conceive. Where you may put to utilization in your daily life.

Are You Pregnant?

Follow these simple pregnancy tips on safety and nutrition to stay healthy throughout the nine months before you give birth to a healthy baby.

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