Probably bigger than her car, what do you think is the biggest outlay of every modern woman? Yes – you’ve guessed it. Health and Beauty products. Not that men don’t have fingernails and toenails, hair all over their head (mostly), diet weight control issues, confidence issues, because they do – it’s just that men seem better at burying their heads in the sand and hoping the problems go away. They definitely do not seem keen on being seen having manicures, pedicures, facials, and such (even though they may secretly desire to have such pampering, their so-called masculinity inhibits them).

For a man, all I can say is thank goodness most women don’t have this problem, and do their level  best to bring out their natural inner beauty to brighten up everybody’s lives, even though they normally do it by spending a fortune in health and beauty stores, health and beauty magazines, and usually quite expensive health and beauty treatments. Even when it comes to the hairdresser, a man will baulk at paying peanuts for a trim, where a woman may spend nearly a week’s wages at her favorite hairdresser.

However, there is really no need for such fortunes to be paid over to hairdressers, health and beauty stores, expensive health and beauty magazines, even expensive diet weight control systems, to achieve this exterior beauty that really comes from within every person.

So many of the things can be achieved from the comfort of your own home, using health and beauty products, simple home recipes, so that even usually expensive treatments can be complimented at home.

But with all of these treatments comes a by-product that is virtually priceless, and really explains why such fortunes are handed over every day to the professionals in these expensive salons. With such treatments comes that inner confidence that is born within us all, but is so easily suppressed by the stresses and strains of every day living.

For instance, do you remember the last time you were in the checkout line at your local supermarket, and there was a baby in its cart just in front of you, and it laid there looking at you, with a smile bubbling over with its sparkling little eyes – as if they had always known you? How does that make you feel? You simply can’t resist smiling back, and even pass the time in the queue talking to them.

Now apply the same technique to adults. If an adult has the inner confidence so that they could smile at you with sparkling eyes, how would that affect you? It would almost certainly push your confidence though the roof, and with any luck, you would do the same to the next person you met.

But – you are right – not everybody can afford to indulge in the wide range of beauty treatments, dietary and weight loss control, exercise regimes that are probably necessary for anybody to achieve this all-round sense of well-being and confidence.

So, we all need to define the main areas that our bodies (and our minds) need a bit of Tender Loving Care (TLC to you), and whether you are male or female, these are the most common areas that demand our attention (and usually our money).

•    Skin Care Tips – including skin treatments, acne, foot care, and tanning.
•    Hair Care Tips – more for women than men, but even they suffer from dry or oily hair and dandruff from time to time.
•    Make-up tips – really the province of women, as the men luckily don’t usually have to pay out fortunes in make up ( or – Oh yes they do actually – on their loved ones)
•    Exercise – getting motivated here to start, and then continue, is so important for building up everybody’s self esteem, and their health.
•    Nutrition and Self Help – we really all need to understand the maxim ‘ what we are is what we eat ‘ and if you eat junk food – what does that make you?
•    Weight Loss control – what is the biggest killer and destroyer of lifestyle in Western society, but obesity and its side effect diabetes.

Now, anyone of us could quite easily march into a number of expensive salons, select a personal assistant, and get all of these quite necessary pamperings provided on a plate, but we would have to work a darned sight harder and longer to be able to afford them.

So, what do we do? We know we need something like this to survive the stresses and strains of the modern world, but many of us just can not justify the expense.

Having searched for many years for ideal solutions to all of these above issues, with the massive onset of the internet as an information provider, there are many low cost solutions available, that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but if searched for and built into your everyday routine, can give you the inner confidence to enable you to build a happy, confident lifestyle, so you become one of these people that spread a little happiness by radiating confidence and external beauty, without having to step over the threshold of many an expensive hairdressers or beauty salon.

You never know, you could always save a great deal of money, and donate it to your favorite charity.

Wow! Would that help boost your confidence, or what?

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