Ways to Seduce a woman

Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing a person, to lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; to corrupt, to persuade or induce to engage in sexual behaviour. As a result, seduction term may have a positive or negative connotation.

In even the earliest of ancient records the art of seducing women can be found both in text and in illustrative form; luring in readers with the promise of a sexual delights and conquests the subject remains one of immense interest even today. With so much information available, in so very many forms; from recent scientific analysis of chemical responses to the latest pornography sensations how is it so many women still feel unsatisfied?

The answer is simple: To achieve a satisfying level of intimacy with your lady you must remember that men and women typically experience sex in very different ways. While many people enjoy their own unique repertoires in the bedroom, (or elsewhere,) there are some common things a man can do that usually appeal to a wide variety of women. Though it might not be as sexy it can be very useful to discuss sexual desires with your partner so that you can better understand her most intimate thoughts and perhaps include them when you are together.

Many men feel indifferent about foreplay, most enjoy it, but find it unnecessary in achieving the final result; which is usually intercourse. It is assumed by many men that arousing a woman is achieved by some sort of touch and while this is very useful, many more things contribute to a woman’s body reaching an advanced state of desire that can bring about an amazing sexual experience for her. Knowing what other factors add or detract from the experience can greatly increase your chances for being a memorable lover.

How to Seduce a Woman

Seduction, The Lavish or Luxurious Way

For those few individuals who enjoy immense wealth luxury is a part of everyday life, however, for the majority of the population a day or night of extravagance is uncommon and welcome. Pampering your lady does not have to be an expensive way to seduce her when time, effort and sentiment can be just as valuable. Breaking the regular routine by eliminating any pesky daily work and surprising her with a little luxury is sure to help her relax, which can in some cases be the only aphrodisiac necessary. For newer couples who have only recently started to, or in some cases have not yet had sex this method can still be applied. Breaking a routine is rather unusual in the early stages of the relationship as the newness of each other’s company has not yet worn off; however treating your woman to a little excess can be extremely provocative and work well for seduction. Something to be careful about when it comes to this method for newer couples is setting a standard that you cannot afford either in time or money to live up to on a constant basis; for this reason a little luxury can be applied, but only in the right circumstances. Make her relax, feel that you care for her. Give her luxury of dominating you, serve her treating her queen of the moment.

Ways to Seduce a woman - luxuriously relaxing a lady

Seduction, The Liquor Way

It is applicable only when both enjoy drinking. Do not force your wife or girl friend to do this, in many cases, it has backfired. Remember, every individual have right to enjoy own space. Respect the freedom of choice given by God to every human. Do not bluff or dupe your girl.

Ways to Seduce a woman - liquor and drinks

Though not necessarily everyone’s taste alcohol can be a wonderful aphrodisiac allowing inhibitions to be tossed and a free flow of thoughts and feelings. Liquor can also take the edge off when a person is feeling particularly tense or rundown and for this reason can help to lighten the mood. Choosing the appropriate type of alcohol that your lady enjoys is a must for this situation and a bonus to attention to detail will which increase her emotional response to the situation. New couples can also enjoy this type of ice-breaker which can help alleviate some of the initial awkwardness of first time lovers. Because you may not know your new lover very well using alcohol as a seductive tool can be a bit risky, but with a little conversation prior about your date’s reactions to liquor it may prove to be a wonderful addition to your intimate plan. Note: Champagne is well known for its’ tendency to effect sexual desire.

Seduce Her After Reading Her Body Language

Words are powerful, but during more intimate moments it’s important to pay attention to how your lady is reacting. It isn’t just a matter of whether or not she gasps when you kiss her neck; there are many signs that a woman will give you physically that should be noted long before you begin physically interacting:

  • Position: Sitting stiffly usually means she is uncomfortable; make sure that your setting includes comfortable places that are inviting to lounge in. If she is sitting or lying provocatively it most likely means she is relaxed and so far, you’ve created the right environment.
  • Facial Expression: Long, alluring glances often mean she is thinking about being physical; while the casting about glance around the room indicates more of an assessment. Wait until her features soften before making advances, she could still be making up her mind about the setting.
  • Touch: It’s always a good idea to have soft or smooth surfaces to touch for an intimate situation; women tend to trace objects with their hands as an extension of their more intimate thoughts. Pay attention to any such movements as an indication that she might be heading in the direction of getting physical.

Ways to Seduce a woman -kissing neck of a lady

Seduction Activities

Prior to becoming intimate, a wonderful aphrodisiac can be adrenaline. If you both enjoy sports or games of any kind this can be a wonderful way to get your hearts’ pumping while enjoying an activity that can bring you closer. A choice in what type of activity is very important as you don’t always want to be on opposing sides; while some people fare very well with being good sports, others have a nature far too competitive to allow defeat and sex in the same session, be careful not to insult before you seduce the two do not often mix well, though in some cases the submissive VS dominance sexual preference cold be applied. However, mostly suggestion of mild roleplays reignite the mood of having passionate sex.

Ways to Seduce a woman - Roleplay sex seduces a girl

Seducing with Cuisine

Not all women are food lovers, in fact some think of it as the enemy, so be careful with your choices for dining. Knowing what types of food your date enjoys can be a fabulous stimulation for later intimacy. Certain foods are famous for producing a sexually stimulated reaction; however, science does show that many of these foods have a long term, if any, effect on stimulation other than the mind. If using food as a seduction tool it is more appropriate to concentrate on what types of food you and your lover will find pleasurable, therefore stimulating your appetites on various levels. You can start with chocolate and continue to soft melting main course. Do not try hard to digest heavy meals. Avoid meat.

Ways to Seduce a woman - Chocolate of favorite cuisine of the lady

Musical Seduction

Choices in the surrounding sound of your environment, particularly musical, can have a profound effect on a woman’s desire to be intimate. Many different styles of music provide a sensual quality to the atmosphere that can last for the duration of your sexual experience. Knowing her musical preferences will be a big plus, especially if she has one or two particular pieces that she finds erotic. Often memories of these pleasurable experiences can be stored through music and will therefore be easily accessible later in the relationship by simply playing a song or two from your romantic time together.

Ways to Seduce a woman - make lady listen to favorite music

Perfect time for Seduction

Many women enjoy seduction at night, though some prefer other times of day for passion. This preference is due to many different variables: lighting can be more romantic at night; shadows tend to seem a little forbidding and can therefore be enticing; for centuries evening-wear was the most glamorous and provocative for many cultures. Choosing a time of day when your lady feels at her best will help her to feel relaxed and enthusiastic, whereas choosing the wrong time may completely spoil your plans, regardless of the effort you have put into them. Find out what time of day most appeals to your woman and why, this information could be a key to the success of fantastic sexual experiences for years to come.

Ways to Seduce a woman - night or late evening time perfect for seduction

Whether your Damsel finds classic romance to be her aphrodisiac of choice, or she prefers a wild, erotic experience; with a little attention and effort you too can create a pleasurable and exciting environment that both you and your special someone will continue to dream about.

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