Can words make your mind positive and receptive ? the answer is YES it does. Please keep in mind that opposites are an invention and not literal in nature. Opposites split the mind, instead of one mind we have two, as in I love sex but I feel guilty, I feel hate but I know it’s wrong so I will block the feeling. I don’t believe in this product I am selling but I have to act enthusiastic. We are feeling one thing and believing we should be feeling something different.We act like we understand when we don’t. The list goes on but I am sure you get the point.

Body and mind are one, not two, not three, not four, it’s like the head going one way and the body trying to go another. Night and day are often treated as opposites, where does night leave off and day begin, Love and Hate is a biggie for most people, hate allowed will often lead back to love, children hate the parent for a scolding or when they are made to feel separate, their anger is a desire to get back to love. We don’t hate anyone we don’t have feelings for or care about the emotion is not opposite. It is the same moving in a different direction, as in south and north, turn the planet upside down, now where is north and south.

The word death is thought to be the opposite of life, the word death means ending, finality etc, but in nature there is no such thing as death. In nature there is only transformation you can’t destroy energy you can only change its form.

We are so identified with words that at some level we believe the word is the thing. Bob thinks he is Bob he of course could change his name at any time just as a person can go from being a Catholic to being a Buddhist. Drink the word water spend the word money can the word love hold your hand. The word points to something but it is not the something it points to.

The identification we feel with a word is due to emotion, and we are the ones who attach emotion to a word, not the opposite. The word LOVE can illicit a lot of emotion from some people but if they don’t speak English it elicits no emotion. When we feel the emotion we feel the word is real like it has substance it is we who give it this feeling by our beliefs. Now there is nothing wrong with any of this, in fact its fun, creative, illuminating. A writer as and example use words to express emotion.

Lets go back to the word death, now that can bring up all sorts of emotion because of all the cultural beliefs attached to it. But by understanding that we by our beliefs attach all the emotional feeling to it, we can then detach and realize the word death is not death, not the thing that it expresses.

How positive or negative words shape mind

Why is this so important in consciousness? We are hooked by words, sin, karma, heaven, hell, self, no self, love, failure, successful. I am sure by now you get the point. We are controlled by words this one is dynamite “Patriotism”, young people will go to war and kill commit a lot of acts that at another level many do not believe in. But to not go to war means they are unpatriotic a coward are against the very country they live in. All of these feelings by the way are often unspoken. The feelings are often so strong that the person will go against there own inner knowing. Remember Bush and the smoking gun, the words and the rhetoric brought a whole country to war when in fact no treat existed, all done with words. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.

Understanding that the word is not the thing is a leap in consciousness, the manipulators loose control and we gain the personal to power to take actions that are congruent with who we are. Let me say that again congruent with who we are.

The individual who doesn’t go to war because they don’t believe in it, is congruent with there inner self, the person who will not get married just for the money because that is what they think and feel is right is being congruent with their own knowing this is and act of wholeness.

When words are used to split us as in sin, sinner or when we are made to feel shame we loose that feeling of wholeness, and we also loose self esteem. Self-esteem is based on our inner connection to conscience and intuition. We were not born a vacuum, empty, as many would like us to believe. Nature has a natural congruency. Kundalini is and energetic process that brings us back into a state of oneness. Kundalini is a unifying energy.

How Kundalini yoga helps

Self-confidence self esteem, self worth are all based on connection to this inner congruency, which includes intuition. Intuition is our direct line to intelligence to nature to the cosmos. With the destruction of self-trust we loose or distance our self from this inner knowing. The ability to know that and earthquake is coming is more natural than not. Intuition or psychic is natural to the human species, it is not special or and aberration.

Words are used to create this disconnection, cancer, rape, sin, murder, smoking gun words often used in a way to create fear, when in fact no actual threat exist Church and governments use fear and guilt to control. Fearful people want more controls not trusting that the innate character of human nature is good and therefore teachable without this type of control or manipulation.

When the natural is distorted it becomes twisted. All people have a distinct shade; a color prejudice is a distortion of this energetic awareness. Nudity is wrong is another distortion of what is natural.

Dichotomy by its nature splits the mind we no longer think holistically; no longer see the world round as a whole. We instead think in terms of right and wrong, as in Republican and Democrat, we think according to the group we belong to rather than thinking as and individual. If we examine many things that appear as opposites we begin to see the similarities and often find there is no difference except in words, In Christianity we have heaven and hell, in Buddhism we have nirvana and continual rebirth till we get it right.

Positive Words and Their Positive Connections to Our Life

Hypnosis works with words and words work with hypnosis because of our belief and emotional attachment to them. Religious teachings are a from of mass hypnosis, I am not saying right or wrong, bad or good, simply it is a from of conditioning just as is any form of allegiance that we repeat over and over till it become and automatic process, just like driving a car, this automatic process often serves us in beneficial way, and often not, the wisdom to know what is serving us and what is not of service to our human nature, that is intelligence in action.

To sum up life energy being a unifying process dissolves those conditions that are not congruent with nature, it brings us back into a state of oneness. THINK ROUND instead of linear.

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