Once you’ve gotten into the mindset that you want to quit smoking, you’re on the right path towards actually getting cigarettes out of your life. Many people, sadly, don’t make it past there though. The real question is, “why aren’t you quitting right now?”

I Don’t Want To Lose My Smoking Buddies!

You don’t have to. Far too many people, especially those who have never smoked and don’t understand the camaraderie between smokers, suggest that you just get away from everything that makes you want to smoke. You don’t want to give up your close friends just to give up cigarettes!
Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Read on!

I Can’t Afford To Spend The Next Six Months Dealing With Withdrawal!

Another myth surrounding quitting smoking. If you quit smoking the wrong way, yes, you will have to deal with a long, drawn-out withdrawal period where you will, sadly, likely relapse into smoking. Your addiction to smoking is all part of your frame of mind, and you’re going to learn how to drop it like a nagging girlfriend (substitute something else here if you can’t get seem to rid of nagging girlfriends)

Quitting Smoking Is Hard!

It’s only hard because everybody says it’s hard. That sounds absurd now, but you’ll see how it’s actually true.

The reason why quitting smoking is hard, impossible, or whatever else people have convinced you that it is is simply because you believe that’s the case. If you want to actually quit smoking and never have to look back, you’re going to have to first understand more about how smoking actually affects you.

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  1. How long after you quit smoking can you start working out? Have been smoking for 4 years a pack and and half a day.