It is unbelievable to see how many people would love to stop smoking even though it is not easy to achieve it. Some will succeed in short period of time while some may take longer than expected. Whatever it is, you need to understand the quit smoking time line so that you will know whether the steps you take to quit smoking really works or not.

You may waste a lot of your time and money buying all sort of things that can help you in your quest to stop smoking permanently if you do not know the quit smoking time line. If you know the time line, than you know whatever methods or products you have tried are working tremendously. When you take the first step to quit smoking, your body will start to heal by itself and you may not aware of this situation at all. Your blood pressure and pulse rate will drop in the first few minutes after you smoke your last cigarette.

Other quit smoking time line that you may not aware of is your blood oxygen level climbs to normal while your carbon monoxide level in blood decrease to normal. The time line for you to reach this important level is somewhere around 8 to 10 hours since your last cigarette. You may be wondering what will happen after 24 hours?

Before this there is a high chance that you will get a stroke or heart attack but if you stop smoking, the chances for you of having a heart attack is largely reduce. Now do you see the benefit of quitting your smoking habit.

The quit smoking time line that you will experience in the next 2 to 5 days is that you will realize that your sense of smell and taste are improving greatly. A heavy smoker is always having problem to taste something and this thing really bothering them.

Once you have your sense back, you will definitely have all the confidence in the world to stop smoking. The chances of you getting a lung cancer will also greatly reduce and the blood circulation inside your body will improve after 3 weeks to 1 month.

There is no secret that most smokers will always cough all the time. Not only that, the also have a very bad breath. After several months, all these symptoms will decrease slowly and you will have a lot of energy than ever before. This is because the ingredients that contain in a cigarette will make you easily feel tired and shorten your breath.

After a year, you probably will not have to worry of getting a coronary heart disease anymore. As you can see, how important it is to learn the quit smoking time line so you know you are on the right track. Before you know it, your health condition is almost the same as people who do not smoke at all.

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  1. x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I’m really mad and sad, so this is kind of like a rant/question

    Well, at my school we have Band, and the band goes on trips to preform and stuff.
    I’m not in it, but alot of my friends are.

    Right now our band is in a big major city doing a school preformance with other school bands, and for some reason my brother (whos in the band) got my dad to give them a tour of the navy ship he works on.
    They all went to the warship and got a tour from my dad and yaddayadda, and when it was over I got a few messages on facebook that went like “Oh my god! you’re dad is so nice :)!” and similar messages to that.

    They don’t know this about my dad but when I used to see him (I stopped seeing him a long time ago) He used to beat me, my brother, and before my parents got divorced he beat my mom too.
    He would always hit her.
    He went to court at LEAST 5 times all for abuse to us.
    He’s an insane man at heart, he would always say how we were a waste of space, he would verbally and phsyically hurt us all the time.
    Even the last time he saw me, he said “karma” was going to get to me, because I “lied” about him hitting us.
    He’s even shoved both my grandmas into a wall.
    When my mom and him got divorced he immediatly joined the Catholic Church and now everyone praises him to be a good man.

    It makes me so angry, no one believes my dad is an *** hole.

    Everyone is just like “Oh, Pat is such a good guy! You’re so lucky to have him as a dad!”
    When I try and tell them he’s not actually like that, and he’s being a fake they go “Oh no, thats not true stop lying!”
    What can I do to make them believe me?
    What do you mean lied a couple times?
    I don’t lie at all.
    if you don’t see him — how did they know he was your dad?
    people can change…. if you don’t give him the opportunity to apologize you will never know


    Because my BROTHER was in the band trip, and he’s the one who told everyone this is our dad.

    I don’t know where you live, but my dads in the Canadian Military.
    I don’t know much about it, but he was in court and had to go to parenting classes.
    Our Military has very little so maybe he wasn’t thrown out because they actually need him.

    Thanks for nothing.
    I only used 2 words in caps, I was quoting the other person.

    Oh and so you’re saying my dad changed in 3 months? Yeah, no.
    He’s been like this all his life, why would he just change now.