When you decide to quit smoking for good, it is both a challenge and a breakthrough. Not many smokers can have that decision – there’s always something at the back of their minds that says they might fall back into the smoking wagon.

Actually, quitting smoking is not just a phase in your life – it’s creating a whole new lifestyle. When you decide to rid your body system of the tar and nicotine that has been clogged in you for the years that you have been smoking, it’s actually detoxification. Here are tips to stop smoking; what to do to create that new lifestyle:

Create a personal support group. When you are trying to achieve something, obstacles will present its self – as well as temptations to slide back from the progress you are making. So inform family and friends about your new venture and they can help keep you on track until you finally reach your goal. Hey, you will need a cheering squad every once in a while to feel inspired to go on.

Find a hobby to replace it. Getting into something that requires your focus but entices your interest is the best way to stop thinking of smoking. Make sure this isn’t stressful though; most people smoke when they’re stressed.

Exercise regularly. A 15 to 30-minute walk daily can help you stay healthy, as well as remind you of a healthy lifestyle.

These are just tips to stop smoking – you can come up with your own methods too. So stop smoking for good, and begin a lifestyle that’s cleaner, that’s better.


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