Are there really some easy quit smoking methods out there? In truth, there is no instant method that will make you quit without lifting a finger. A game plan and following a game plan is still required.

There is finally a way to quit smoking, which may not be effortless, but relatively easier. If you talk to other people especially smokers, they may discourage you and say that it’s impossible. But that’s not true. If you really want to kick the habit, you should muster up some determination and really push through a plan of attack. That, plus some helpful advice and guidance from various quitting systems available will help you succeed.

Those who say that it is absolutely impossible for smokers to stop smoking are most likely also the people who are too lazy and settled on the habit to even make an effort to quit. They keep saying to others what they say to themselves, that it is really impossible.

For those smokers out there who are set on quitting, do not let yourself fall into that trap. Most likely, you don’t even remember why you started smoking and that you realize that it is really self-destructive in more ways than one. Quitting is possible and here are methods that will help you along.

A great method is to first think off and list down all the benefits or reasons why quitting should be done. Just as they say: if there is a will there is a way. Listing things would help motivate you and clarify why you need to do it.

Another method for you is to stay in a house that is free from other smokers. Having to live with other smokers is such a challenge because you will be constantly tempted by the smell and by the cigarettes lying around that you can easily get.

You have to be warned that you will experience some withdrawal pains from nicotine. But not to worry, there are lots of nicotine patches and gums out there that will help you get through this problem. That will take care of the biological addiction, but you will still have to deal with the psychological addiction which is the biggest addiction of all.

The gums, patches, and hard candies that contain nicotine for those who want to quit can be found in any store. They contain small amounts of nicotine so that it will help the quitting person to compensate for the sudden lack of this addictive substance as an effect of quitting. The dosage on these things can then be lessened as the days go by. Anti-depressants such as zyban, Chantrix, and other medicine can also be used to help lessen the withdrawal syndrome. If these are still not enough, you should look for other programs about kicking the habit, which many are available online.


  1. Scott Bull says:

    Ive tried some ways but none seem to work.Do you have some smart suggestions?I say smart because all the conventional methods to quit smoking have not worked for me .I have tried nicotine gum and patches. I hate smoking but every 1 hour, I cant resist a drag. I have started hating myself to indulge in it :/

  2. Ive only been smoking for two years, and I would like to quit… its very hard to stop this nasty habit, Anyone have any suggestions/methods on how to quite without quitting cold turkey, or using the patch? Its way to expensive for me…
    But smoking has become my biggest addiction. Im tired of spending the money on cigarrettes and polluting my body…also what can I do to get my husband to stop smoking or atleast stop smoking around me once I quit because he is hard headed..because I know if he smokes it will be to easy to give in to temptation…
    why is everyone so harsh about smoking its not like Im announcing Im a smoker and Im proud that I hurt my body… I know I cant make my husband stop smoking but it would be nice to give me some suggestions on how to talk to him about not smoking around me or something like that. Non smokers get very angry at this type of question, I know what it does to my body and my teeth and thats one of the biggest reasons I want to quit. It just seems rude to judge someone when they are trying to better themselves
    I do appreciate the help, I just dont understand why people are using my question to harp at me about smoking when I want to stop, but for those of you who have offered some good advice I do appreciate it thanks

  3. Michael K says:

    I smoke about 10 cigarettes a day and I really want to quit. I would love suggestions on natural remedies or methods that lead to success. I’m afraid to take Chantix because of the side-effects and my doctor told me it’s no more effective than patches or gum. Cold turkey isn’t an option, the cravings are brutal. Anyone quit successfully?

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