It is a good thing humans understand the human body so much; how else would they have been able to come up with the laser smoking cessation therapy thing that they use these days to help people stop smoking? It’s a miracle, if you ask me – a total miracle.

Your body naturally produces these endorphins when you are satisfied. What if you don’t have to be satisfied to produce them? Then you could do away with that thing that makes you feel satisfied. That’s how laser smoking cessation therapy works.

When you do something pleasurable – something that you believe to be pleasurable, your system reacts in a certain way. With lasers, you can do it again and never have to do that thing. Think about it; it’s a great way for folks to get to smoke less and eventually quit.

If you quit smoking suddenly, you’d likely go back to it shortly because the craving for it did not stop. It mightn’t stop too if you don’t break your dependence on nicotine, but you can help that situation with laser light therapy. Applying the light on the meridian points of your body can make you feel like you have had the smoke and you don’t need it anymore.

You don’t have to give up trying to quit smoking, especially when you are so close to making it happen. All you need now is a nudge in the right direction by laser therapy. You could feel like you smoked without actually smoking, and then you might never need smoking again.


  1. morbiusdog says:

    my girlfriend had laser done on her to quit smoking in Bedford Ma.
    She said they ran the laser behind her ears, etc. and it worked.
    Can you find info about it?

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