The moment after you quit smoking, several things take place. To be well prepared for what happens, below are some tips.

First, there will be a weird feeling from between two to eight hours after you quit smoking. However, this feeling will go away after about eight hours. It is said that this feeling is caused by increased carbon monoxide levels in the system, which reverts back to normal after about eight hours. In about two or three weeks after quitting, one will noticeably feel better.

The blood circulation of the body system will improve after you quit smoking, and stamina levels will also increase. One will also notice that the sense of smell is enhanced to become even better than it used to be. In the following one to nine months, one will realize increased energy. Moreover, the persistent cough and recurrent headaches will disappear.

Once you attain a year after you quit smoking, the possibility of heart disease will have been reduced by half. Granted, quitting may be a difficult venture, but it is attainable. The secret is to focus on not smoking, and concentrating on the fact that one is able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Some people gain weight once they stop smoking. This can be avoided by eating selected snacks. The moment the craving for smoking strikes, it is recommended to eat a carrot, or any such nutritious and healthy snacks.

With fresh breathing air after you quit smoking, one will begin to notice better breathing. If the individual is able to engage in some physical exercises, it would be even more advantageous for him or her. After you quit smoking, it is not bad to try out other additional avenues including prescription drugs and hypnosis, in case the individual feels the need for additional ways to help in quitting.

With regard to the healing of damaged organs like lungs for instance, it is understood that there are instances where the lungs get cleaned naturally, particularly for light smokers. However, for heavy smokers, the process may take longer, since the cleaning of lungs is done by small follicles within the lungs known as cilia, and the more the smoke particles are in the lungs, the longer it may take to clean if the individual is lucky and the lungs are not yet damaged.

In case the cilia are already damaged, it may be difficult for them to function properly even after you quit smoking, thereby making it necessary for the individual to use medical supplements to help in cleaning the lungs.

Given that lungs are vital organs, excessive smoking can lead to their permanent damage such that they cannot be reparable after you quit smoking.

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  1. colingrillo says:

    I’m 23 years old and I am in a tough spot in my life, Im going to college and taking a tough major, and my personality is getting in my way.

    My parents always told me that I started something with the greatest enthusiasm and fizzled out afterward.

    I realized that if its something that isnt pleasurable then Im going to avoid it and if I force myself to do it like school work then I’m not going to do well in it, because I get distracted I watch TV or just don’t sit down at all and end up wasting time.

    I don’t even take certain medicine on time because its a hassle, I don’t make my bed because its a hassle.

    Unless I am deriving some form of pleasure from an activity I tend to avoid it if I can and if I cant like school, then I end up doing a bad job at it and not my whole heart into it.

    Is there something I can do so I can study and work hard without being distracted?

  2. I used to be very confident, motivated and driven when it came to making music, but after a few bad events in life i have become very lazy and i have lower self esteem…can anyone give me suggestions on how to become the driven and motivated individual that i used to be?

  3. ibjammin44 says:

    Ok, so me and my boyfriend have been together for two years. We have been living together for 23 months of that time. I know his family really well, his mom and dad are divorced and his mom is a complete nut-case (but not the focus of my concern). His dad is really nice, and two of his three sisters are cool. About a year ago, one of his dads close friends passed away and left him a mobile home and all the things in it. Well, his dad promised us the house as soon as we both got steady jobs, and about two months ago we moved in. About a week before we moved his older sister had a freak-out moment and decided she hated Colorado and moved to Vegas. Well turns out some guy left her at a bar 30 miles away from her house. So… she had another freak-out and decided she hated Vegas and wanted to come back. Keep in mind this woman is 30. She called my boyfriend on his cell around four in the morning saying for us to get the spare room ready for her cause shes moving-in in two days. Well my boyfriend is such a softy, he helps anyone who asks for it and couldn’t say no (especially since the house hasn’t been officially signed to us). So for the past month, she has been here eating our low supplies of food, leaving toothpaste all over the bathroom, she broke a new $1000 washing machine, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have two dogs, and one is still a puppy, and she has a cat. The two forces there never get along so we have to pen up the dogs in our room, while her cat roams free and uses the leather sofas as scratching posts. She is a smoker and we are not, and she keeps smoking in her room-thinking we have no clue, and she never washes one dish. As you might see this is not working for us. I am a very strong-willed person and I cant stand being quiet about all this, and my boyfriend is too weak to stand up to her. He says that his dad feels bad for her and we should let her stay till she gets things straightened out. I have, when my boyfriend isn’t there, told her where the cleaning supplies can be found so she can clean the bathroom, and often wait till she is nearby to dishes so I can slam them around in the cupboards so she gets the hint I’m sick of her messes. I have also told her that there is a chair outside on the porch for when she needs to smoke. However nothing seems to be working. How can I get my boyfriend to stand up to her, or should I just call his dad and tell him that I want her out? I don’t feel like its my responsibility cause she isn’t my sister. And I have no compassion for her with all the snide comments she makes about me, and my family. Someone help!

  4. airdogspace2 says:

    I was just talking on the phone and I coughed (I’m a smoker) and I was using my left arm to talk on the phone, and it was leaning on the couch arm. When I was done talking and I put the phone down, I noticed the inner side of my arm down to my wrist hurt. It felt like funny bone pain, not the tingling, but the muscles ached for about 2 minutes. I also have twins whom yesterday I took to the doctors and carried both car seats, one in each hand. I’m 24, and have a bad family history of heart disease. My dad had a heart attack at 32. HELP?!

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