Smoking kills! It is known to the world and hence, it is better to quit as quick as possible but how? You ask any smoker that how difficult is to give up coloring his or her lungs! There is a statutory warning on every cigarette pack that it may harm your body, smoking is an enjoyable tasks for millions of people across the world.

If you want to stop smoking, there are many ways however; you got to be having a strong will power to tackle your urges. The market is full of answers to how to quit smoking but which one to go for is the confusion.

To find the most effective method to quit smoking, Frank Schmidt and another scholar named Vishwesvaran from the University of Iowa used a meta-analysis based on the results of over 600 studies that totaled approximately 72000 smokers. The results those were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology distinctly revealed that hypnosis, to use the same terminology as the quit counselor, was found to be threefold effective than NRT (Source: Elliot Wald, Tami J Eggelston PhD & Fredrick Gibbson PhD, "Cognitive reactions to smoking relapse", New Scientist, vol 136, pp6).

Hypnosis is a great technique that involves smoker's own brain to quit this hazardous habit. The most beneficial thing about how to stop smoking using hypnosis is it does not require any tool/instrument and even a number of assistances! To understand the process, simply imagine that you are a hypnotist aiming your brain and whatever you order is the only result you will have. Now it is simple that you order yourself to quit smoking and see the result there!

Some of people may say that they could not stop smoking using hypnosis but then they were not firm enough to guide themselves! The negative self-talk might have assured them the failure. They might have repeatedly told to their bodies that this will be tougher to keep smoking away.

One should understand that most of the urges are a result of some conditioned responses! Certainly correct, conditioned response is so much powerful, but you can indeed create a new one replacing the old that makes you to reach a pack of cigarette

Let us checkout the easiest way to stop smoking through hypnosis. Firstly, relax and the eyes (of course not while reading this!) and envisage yourself in a picture where you are free from smoking. Make it as virtual as one can; you can do it by adding some visual experiences as well as positive sounds, the aromas and most importantly the emotions.

The next step is spending time in that imaginary scene that brings the entire picture about when you are a nonsmoker! Make this past the present and also the future. Remember all the happy moments that you have enjoyed as a core part of the life when you were not smoking. Bring all the positive thoughts and then checkout the ease you feel with how to quit smoking. Some hypnotists suggest pressing the thumb and finger together of the right hand and hold it, connecting to the brain while thinking and then retaining till the process ends.

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  1. andresumoza says:

    Alright guys i need a little help, okay im 16 and live in Minnesota, and i am a smoker, the reason to that is its a way for me to deal with stress big time!. I have alot of issues that it helps with i am on anti depressants from the doctor and see a therapist every couple weeks. Now im pretty popular in school, kind of a person that everyone likes. But their are alot of issues no one knows about, and my mom started smoking again because i do and she is older so it huts her more then it does me which it seems like i could be killing her. I just need some oppions guys on what would be the best way to deal with the smoking and a possible way to stop. but its the one thing i turn to when stuff happens