Benefits of quitting smoking

Quit smoking methods

When one starts smoking, he will start with a single cigarette and he will increase on the number until he smokes up to two packs a day. For those who are thinking of ways to stop smoking, the journey is not very easy. It is very difficult to quit the smoking habit that has developed immensely. This is why most smokers find it difficult to stop smoking.

[box]Various techniques can be used to help heavy smokers quit smoking.

Some of these processes may require a lot of money that a smoker can not afford.

However there are several steps that you can follow and make your quitting process much easier and successful.[/box]

The first thing that you will be required to do is program a time to stop. This means that you have to plan your quitting. This can not be done by just waking up and deciding to stop smoking. You have to program the quitting time. After you have found that time, you will be required to spend a lot of time alone trying to look into your quitting. You will have to stay away from your social groups, family members and partying.

[box]Select the date that you want to stop smoking.

This is very important because you will be using this as the mark that you have to attain.

If you do not have a target while on the road toward quitting smoking, the whole procedure will be useless. It will simply not work.[/box]
Engage yourself in things that will keep your mind off cigarettes. These are the things that will divert your attention away from smoking. You can achieve this by keeping yourself busy with various chores. Reading novels or books can be one of the best remedies for quitting smoking.

[box]The next step is using the supplementary of cigarettes. These supplementary could either be foods, fruits or drinks.[/box]

Whenever you feel the urge of smoking, you can use the supplementary instead. If you are used to holding cigarettes between your fingers use a pencil or pen instead. This way, you can avoid thinking about cigarettes.
Throw away anything that might remind you of smoking. Among these things include the lighter, cigarettes and ash trays.
Increase on your water intake while you are in the process of trying to stop smoking. Water helps in the removal of nicotine that has built up in the blood streams.

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  1. kerrin marz says:

    Ok, so I started smoking cigs (im too lazy) pretty frequently after just mainly being a social smoker, but now I find myself smoking alot more like maybe five or six a day. I also smoke in my car cause i cant wait to be outside, and i always forbade my friends from doing that. So I just recently bought my own pack cause im heading off to college, and ive smoked alot this week and I hadnt had one in almost 2 days, and I was really tired all day and really moody and then I had one and it all went away and I felt great..what does this mean? I love how I feel after I smoke one, but i know its bad..and please dont tell me its bad I just want to know if im slowly getting addicted or whats going on.thanks.
    Thanks..I shoulda never started..

  2. Just do me a favor and keep writing such ternchant analyses, OK?

  3. I can’t believe I’ve been going for years wtiuoht knowing that.

    1. Time to face the music armed with this great inofrmtaion.