Low libido is a very common problem found in women and one of the most ignored medical condition. In this article we are going to find out its causes and what needs to be done to start enjoying sex all over again.

Causes of Low Libido In Women
These days women have to deal with a lot of things in their life like rising food prices, looking after the kids, go to office then cook food, take care of her husband. All these tasks put a heavy toll on both her body and mind making her feel stressed out which in turn affect her sexual life as there is no energy left after such a hectic day to have sex. Medically speaking low desire for sex is due to low production of estrogen in the female body which is essential for her sexual health.

How To Overcome This Problem
It is not very difficult to treat low libido problem as it mainly is due to stress and lack of interest in sex (which also might be due to an undesirable sex partner). To overcome low libido a woman take a number of steps let us lay out some of them.

1. Take appropriate sleep and rest as a tired body will always perform below par both off and on the bed.
2. Start doing yogic exercises or join a gym or at the least go for a walk daily for 25 to 30 minutes. It will help in improving the fitness levels and also help in improved sexual prowess.
3. Take some herbs like fenugreek or saw palmetto which are a good source of estrogen.
4. Start eating home cooked food as it is highly nutritious and gives body a balanced diet which is good for your health.
5. Stop eating junk food, quit smoking if you smoke and stay away from alcohol.

Following these simple changes in your lifestyle will greatly improve your overall health as well as automatically increase your sexual performance.

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  1. alberto s says:

    does it happen 2 guys only?
    is it a kind of health problem?

  2. lucasg615 says:

    My girlfriend and I have run into a wall with our relationship that has caused us to breakup and get back together again. She is having trouble wanting to be physical. Sometimes she can’t keep her hands off me and the sex is amazing. Other times she has no interest in doing it with me even though she wants to have sex. Obviously this has put a strain on our relationship and we both want to know why she wants me so bad sometimes and then other times she doesn’t?

    Anyone have this problem before and overcame it? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    We’ve been together for a long time and would rather work on it than give up on each other.