Should you quit your smoking habit? Well, everybody has his own personal reason to quit smoking. It is plain obvious that the best reason to quit smoking is because it is bad for a person’s health. There is just no denying to that fact. Even if some heavy smokers survive during their old age, smoking did not help them do that.

Everybody knows that each stick of cigarette is a small stab at your life. More than four thousand poisonous substances in cigarette exists. Lung damage is absolutely inevitable and lung cancer is also likely.

Another reason why some smokers quit smoking is because each smoke seems to be a waste of money at a time when each dime is valuable. The accumulated amount of cigarettes purchased is like your money burnt. There is certainly a lot more productive and healthier things to spend money on.

If one does not care about his or her own health, then he should think about the health damage he or she is doing to others who live near him or her. The fact is that second hand smoke is even more hazardous than first hand smoke. Second hand smoke stays a longer time in the air, invisible and unnoticed. Those who live around the area cannot escape breathing it in. Thus, smoking at home will also increase lung illnesses such as colds, and cancer to everyone living in the same house such as family and friends.

Aside from health reasons, it will also damage your look too. Smoking is proven to rob one’s skin of its health. It makes one prone to pimples and other blemishes. In time, it will make one’s skin age, wrinkle, sag, and wear out faster than it would normally do.

Personal reasons for quitting abound. Some people have been asked to quit by their loved ones or family, whom are of course worried as well as discomforted. Smokers who really want to quit may have had it with the ridiculous and vicious cycle of addiction. It really affect’s one’s self image.

It does not really matter what the main reason for quitting smoking is, the most important thing is to quit starting right here and right now. It might be tough for a start. It might even be tougher if the person is going through some issues right now since cigarettes are always used as a crutch to help you get on the day. But really, after this, you will find that you are a better person with a cleaner and clearer perspective.


  1. I just recently gotten my bottom right wisdom tooth taken out of last thursday and today is wednesday. Will I be able to smoke now? That my gums don’t hurt anymore!??!!

  2. I’ve been at ny grandparents for the past four days and these have been the first days that I’ve spent completely sober in several months. When I go home today, I’ll obviously have the option the smoke since my only friends (my childhood friends since I’m home for Christmas break from college) all smoke pot. If I choose to stop, it will likely require me to discontinue our friendships since if I’m around the stuff there is a pretty good chance that I will smoke. After four days of sobriety, I really don’t feel any difference. So what I want to know is what are the benefits of stopping smoking pot? And do you think it is worth it? I am a bit shy and socially awkward (always have been) so making new friends at college and at home has been extremely difficult…

  3. Death Knight says:

    I need more sleep than other people I am 38 and recently I quit smoking. Would that be a reason for it?

  4. Ok no cigarettes in 3 days, today is a rough one, giving up is not an option. I will stay strong, I will do this. But does anyone have any idea when the withdrawal symptoms will stop being so intense?

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