Thousands of dollars spent yearly on cigarettes and millions of deaths result from smoking. If you’ve asked yourself why you should give up smoking these are just two of the most solid reasons to quit today. Think about it, no seriously take a minute of what you’re doing right now and think about the corporate executives sitting around the boardrooms, flapping their fat bellies around, discussing new ways to improve their markets. Are you aware of the fact that their success only depends on you as a smoker? Nobody should start in the first place but trust me it’s all about the billions of dollars these huge corporations earn each and every year, and that’s just because of you!

The tobacco corporations have very thick pockets, spending billions each year in advertising campaigns, and they do know how to keep their customers ‘happy’. Seriously! The sad part is that they want you to die as a smoker, otherwise they’d go bankrupt in no time. Therefore their bottom line only depends on your smoking habit.

Quit smoking today or you’ll increase the chances of getting serious illness, sooner of later. Stopping smoking isn’t easy and I’m sure you need professional help. What if I told you that you could stop smoking within a week? .. Smoking is a body and mind action, that you can learn to control and quit for good. Yes you got it right, body and mind!

Lets have a look for a minute at several factors when smoking. I haven’t ever heard someone saying “I love how this cigarette tastes!”. Have you? No of course not! Your body doesn’t need the nicotine, it actually rejects it every time you have a cigarette. Coughing, spits, hacks are just some of the things that best prove your body rejects cigarettes and you need to quit. Bottom line, the addiction to nicotine is getting worse and worse as you continue to smoke. It will be a lot harder to quit in 2 year’s time.

I don’t find it fascinating at all that most of the smoking aids do not take into consideration one of the most important things when someone decides to quit smoking, which is your mind. Pills, patches, inhalers, nicotine gums and the latest product released — the electronic cigarette have a very low success rate, most people fail and you might know this already. Still wondering why you haven’t been able to quit smoking? It’s not only you.. but with such smoking aids most people will fail!

The best approach when someone finally decides to give up smoking for ever is by teaching and actually manipulating your mind, which is the very part of you that started this bad habit in the first place. Your mind. Using hypnotherapy or NLP will not only help you quit smoking for good but you’ll also be able to overcome this habit without having to suffer the cravings.

One more thing that smokers aren’t aware of: There is a big difference between smoking natural grown tobacco and smoking ‘popular brands’. Either of them are harmful, but the latter contains more than 4000 deadly substances. Most of the substances that are added to cigarettes are highly guarded and protected by the law as a trade secret. Try to imagine that. It’s the public’s health and it’s a trade secret. Something just isn’t right.

The only thing that is right to do is to quit smoking today. If you manage to give up cigarettes you’ll immediately notice you are a lot more healthier, you’ll have a better taste and smell, you’ll stop coughing and spitting and enjoy your life just as you are supposed to!

So if you decide to quit smoking, you need to realize that quitting is all about a body and mind process, therefore quitting can only be done with hypnotherapy or NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).

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You need to follow the guides correctly and comprehend them in order to quit smoking systematically. Consult your doctor before using any tips as this article is for educational purpose only.

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