Having a weak erection is just as bad as being impotent (ask any sexually active woman). A weak erection is an erection that is not hard enough to provide satisfactory sexual stimulation for a sexual partner during sexual intercourse.

Causes of weak erections are:

a)    Diet high in fat
b)    Anxiety
c)    Age
d)    Smoking
e)    Penile injury
f)    Depression
g)    Stress
h)    Obesity
i)    High alcohol intake
j)    Substance abuse
k)    Lack of regular exercise
l)    Low self esteem
m)    Frequent masturbation
n)    Multiple sclerosis
o)    Hormonal disorder
p)    Cardiovascular disorder
q)    Side effects of certain medications e.g. anti-depressants

Weak erections can be cured with the following treatments:

1)    Herbal Remedies

a)    Butea Superba this herb is “superb” for treating weak erections because stimulates the flow of blood to the penile area during arousal. It eliminates weak erections, it increases the size of the male organ, giving it a “rock hard” erection and it also gives its user staying power.

b)    Shilajit this is a natural extract which is gotten from the Himalaya rocks, shilajit contains a lot of iron, and lot of other valuable mineral (49 to be precise). It is very famous for curing weak erections and for boosting the sex drive.

c)    Safed Musli this herb is used for naturally treating impotence, it is a 100% sex tonic with no negative side effects.  This herb can be found in hundreds of male sexual health supplements.

2)    Natural Remedies

a)    Reduce stress: studies have shown that stress leads to a number of sexual dysfunctions. Try as much as possible to take time to relax, maybe that just what your male organ needs in order to get up and go go go!
b)    Change your lifestyle: if you are a smoker and experiencing weak erections, it about time you quit smoking (besides, it a nasty habit anyway). Stop taking so-called recreational drugs and stop drinking like a fish.
c)    Exercise regularly: exercise helps to increase circulation and also helps you lose weight. Obesity also leads to weak erections too.
d)    Sleep well: getting a good night’s sleep can help you combat weak erections
e)    Stay away from over processed foods: processed foods are known to contain too much fat, which can definitely lead to weak erections.
f)    Stop eating foods that contain too much sugar:  if you are a sweet-tooth and experiencing weak erection, you have to cut back on your sugar intake.

3)    Penile Implants

Penile implants have been used to treat weak erections. The implant is completely concealed; believe it, after the implants are done via surgery no one would be any the wiser. There are two types of implants namely:

I.    The semi-rigid type penile implant this penile implant keeps the male organ rigid all the time. What happens when you are not having sex? You simply bend the male organ downwards.

II.    The hydraulic type penile implant a pump is implanted in the scrotum and when this pump is activated the male organ stiffens.

If you are considering penile implants consult your physician, he or she will tell you if you are a right candidate for this procedure.

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