When it comes to ways to quit smoking these days there is tons of help to quit smoking if you truly want to do it.

Long popular methods used by those wanting to stop smoking cigarettes are patches and nicotine gum. These methods no doubt have a history of helping people eliminate or cut down on the nicotine cravings one will experience while trying to quit. There was a long period of time where these were pretty much the only options available.

These days there is a new flood of help to quit smoking offering everyone a choice that will fit their own situation.

There are prescription drug options like Chantix which have been experiencing rave reviews in the short time it has been on the market as well as several other prescription options for trying to stop smoking.

The issues with the prescription options are the obvious possible side effects short and long term as well as the fact that much of what is prescribed is some sort of anti depressant being used to cut nicotine cravings. Just does not sound much like a safe choice to me.

Many people are touting the effects of things like hypnosis and nicotine inhalers as new and improved methods to quit smoking. These types of remedies show a clear lean towards a more natural or holistic approach to trying to quit smoking.

One method that has arrived on the market more recently and is still new enough that you can get free trials to check out for yourself. This is the new all natural nasal inhalers.

This is one of the ways to quit smoking that has received much attention because it involves an all natural approach and it involves allowing the relief to enter through the nerves in the nasal cavity which are proven to introduce medicines into your system at a very rapid pace.

It also allows one to try and quit smoking through a few uses of a nasal spray a day and not have to worry about remembering to have a patch on or chomping on some gum all day long that honestly does not taste very good.

Whichever of the ways to quit smoking you decide to try make sure it is something you can stick with because cutting down or eliminating those nicotine cravings is the first important step to living a smoke free and much more healthy future.

There is never a time that is bad to try and get some help to quit smoking cigarettes and with so many options available these days there is no excuse to not try something. It used to be the cost of these methods for quitting were considered very expensive.

The cost of a pack of cigarettes and the cost on your health is way more than the cost of quitting as well as having options that will even allow you a free trial to get started. You cannot get any better than that.

Go for it, you’ll be glad you did.

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