Celebrating the arrival of a New Year is a token time to reflect not only on the past year, but also on you. Whether you feel the need to resolute a change for something that will forever alter your life or even if it is something small that will make you happy, change seems to be an inevitable part of the New Year and of the human dynamic. With the New Year approaching quickly now is the time to begin thinking about our past short fallings and resolve to become better in our future. If you are struggling to decide on a resolution let me take you through the top resolutions made by people all over the world and the reasons why it is a good idea to make each of the changes.

One of the first and arguable the most important resolutions that people decide to make in each New Year is to spend more time with family and friends. Whether this means meeting up with friends more frequently or setting aside more time to sit down and eat with their families, many people are resolving to remember that work shouldn’t always come first! It is also important to remember that spending more time with loved ones means that children feel more loved, your relationships become stronger and you are enriching the lives of others as they are enriching yours.

The next resolution that people tend to make in the New Year is to fit in fitness more regularly in their lives. As studies have concluded time and time again that regular exercise has been linked with the reduced risk of some cancers, increased longevity, achieving weight loss, enhancing mood, lowering blood pressure and improving arthritis, many people have begun to make working out a landmark in their everyday lives. To put it frankly, the benefits of exercising far outweigh the costs when it comes to you and your health.

Going hand in hand with being more active, the resolution of fighting and taming the bulge is a high priority in the New Year. Over 66% of Americans are considered overweight or obese by their doctors which means those people have to get down to work if they want to improve their lives. This goal is not achieved easily though because it takes months and sometimes even years of commitment and hard work to shed weight, which is also one of the reasons why this resolution is the most frequently dropped goal.

To supplement the idea of a more active lifestyle many people also decide to either quit smoking, quit drinking or both. While both of these habits take time to kick, the health benefits of being a non smoker and non drinker are innumerable. Luckily there are many supplemental outlets for people who decide to give up these bad habits, such as over the counter nicotine replacement therapy, alcoholics anonymous, as well as free support services and hotlines that will get you in touch with people who can help you quit.

As we have watched our banking system struggle over the last year and saw our economy fall into depression it may be time for many people to resolve to get out of debt this year. Millions of Americans are determined to get out of debt every year, however, this time not only will getting ahead make your life better it will help our country as well. I promise that this goal will repay itself many times over in the future.

Possibly the most satisfying resolution that one can make is to help others. Whether this means volunteering your time mentoring a child, helping at your local library, building a house, or traveling to far off third world countries to teach children English, there are many nonprofit volunteer organizations that could really use help. Many people feel that volunteering their time will mean spending hours each week dedicated to a cause, but this is simply not true. Volunteerism is to your own discretion and you can spend as much or as little time as you feel necessary to help others. In fact, if your free time is in short supply you can simply donate furniture, clothing, other household items or money, all of which still have the ability to greatly help others.

While there are numerous other New Year’s resolutions that you can make, these resolutions are of the most popular. No matter what change you decide to make in your life in the New Year, the key is to evolve and make yourself better in some way.

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