The health benefits of quitting smoking are boundless. Smokers have found it easier to quit smoking after they have learned about how stopping smoking will prolong their lives, help in preventing heart attacks and reduce their risk of acquiring different kinds of cancer.

Here are the immediate and long-term health benefits of stopping smoking as advised by the American Cancer Society:

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 20 Minutes
A person’s blood pressure and heart rate will stabilize back to a normal rate in the first 20 minutes of stopping smoking.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 12 Hours
Within 12 hours, the highly toxic carbon monoxide in your blood stream is significantly reduced. As a result, your blood is more readily able to serve it’s function carrying oxygen to your vital organs such as the brain and the heart.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 2 Weeks
Given just two weeks to three months without a cigarette, your lungs begin to heal significantly. Blood circulation is now healthy.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 9 Months
Give up for nine months and difficulties experienced initially with quitting smoking such as coughing and difficulty breathing desist. This further lessen the chance of infection and stop the development of lung disease.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 1 Year
In one year, the risk of coronary heart disease is cut down to half.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 5 Years
Stay smoke free for five years and you will have accomplished cutting down your risk of suffering a stroke to that of a non-smoker.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 10 Years
In ten years, your probability of dying from lung cancer is half that of a person who is still smoking. Your risk of various other cancers such as mouth, throat, cervix, bladder etc is also significantly reduced.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking After 15 Years
After 15 years as a non-smoker, your chances of acquiring coronary heart disease is equal to that of a non-smoker, proving that stopping smoking is effective in preventing heart attacks.

Many people who have thought about giving up smoking forget about the huge amount of social, emotional and mental benefits to be had and only focus on the health benefits.

The feelings of pride and accomplishment that people get as a result of successfully quit smoking transcends to the majority of other realms of peoples lives. The majority of people who have quit feel more in control and confident within their lives.

People who have quit find they enjoy significantly lengthier periods of quality time with friends, family, and leisure activities.

Quitters also have less fear that they will someday become a burden to someone because of smoke related sickness.

They also do not have to feel guilty anymore about smoking or feel apologetic for the cigar smell in their breath, clothing, car or house.

Finally, one of the most immediate effects that people who have quit enjoy the most is the significant amount of money they have as a result of no longer constantly wasting it on cigarettes.

All the benefits and an innumerable amount more are ready for you when you finally decide to quit smoking for good. Just thinking about the social, mental, emotional and health benefits should be sufficient to motivate a smoker to stop smoking now. An easy way to stop your smoking habit it to look at the benefits and quitting smoking. Click here to find the best program that suits you and enjoying the benefits of quitting smoking.

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