I want to share 4 simple steps to quit smoking because the The Great American Smokeout day is approaching and it is time to stop smoking America! Instead of quitting for just a day, make it a lifetime commitment. I did it 15 years ago and you can too! Begin with these 4 simple steps.

Step 1.

Pick a quit day. You will have lots of support if you choose the Great American Smokeout day as your quit day. If that does not work for you, pick another day. Do not wait for the perfect day because that will never come. Just get a date in your head and circle it on the calendar!  

Step 2.

Tell you friends, family and coworkers that you are planning to stop smoking. Tell them the quit day you have chosen and ask for their support and understanding while you wage your battle against nicotine. Sharing the fact that you are going to quit makes it more of a reality.  

Step 3.

Find and join a support group for people trying to quit. It has been proven that joining one of these groups can raise the success rate of quitting for good. Nothing beats knowing you can turn to people who understand exactly what you are going through. In addition to the live group, enroll in an online stop smoking forum. The internet is a great place to escape to when cravings to light up hit!  

Step 4.

Select a nicotine replacement aid. This is also another proven safe and effective way to quit. The aids can lessen your withdrawal symptoms making it easier to fight them. Remember, the withdrawal phase is a short one but it can be tough. A great aid on the market today is Miracet. Check it out and have it handy to support you during your first smokeless weeks.  

As you can tell from the 4 listed steps, support is the key factor. You may have been smoking alone for years but in order to quit successfully you will need help. Battling an addiction is not something you should attempt alone. Join a support group, let your friends and family do what they can to help and find a nicotine replacement aid that will work for you.  

Stay focused and determined. It is a great life when you are no longer dependant on those little cellophane packages of tobacco. It truly is time to stop smoking America and these 4 steps to quit smoking will help you reach your goal of a smokeless life!

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