The simple fact is that you know smoking is not good for you. In fact, nobody has to tell you to quit; you know you ought to quit. The irony is that when more people tell you to quit, you naturally want to quit less.

The truth is that nobody can force you, make you quit and chances are you have already tried more than once to quit. Let me guess, did you smoke the ‘just one’ cigarette?

Before you knew it, you probably started at ground zero again. This cycle can go on and on and many smokers would give up or at least, for a period of time.

Now, if you’re thinking about quitting again. You have definitely made the right choice by not giving up. Besides, did you know that most ex-smokers tried to quit an average for five times before they truly give up the habit?


Tobacco and Its Health Effects

The reason why people who care about you ask you to quit smoking is because they know smoking is bad for your health. Thought it may be irritating at times, you know that they have a point.

I mean of course sure, being pestered all the time is not healthy either but, cigarettes is the number most preventable cause of death in the world and is also the leading cause of illness and death in many other countries.

Emphysema – an abnormal accumulation of air in tissues can damage the air sacs in your lungs, which is difficult for oxygen to be released into the bloodstream from the lungs. On the other hand, chronic bronchitis causes inflammation and irritation to the air ways of your lungs due to cigarette smoking.


Affecting Others with Your Smoking

It’s also not news that people around smokers suffers detrimental effects of smoking from inhaling your smoke.

Secondhand smoke causes many illnesses such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease, asthma and cancer. More than 100,000 people die worldwide because of secondhand smoke.

What’s surprising is that smoke of those who smokes questions whether secondhand smoke brings illness and it may be a lies by public groups who are anti-smokers.

However, many evidence and facts have proofed that secondhand smoke does kills. So make the right choice today by deciding to quit for once and for all.

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