Smoking is the main reason for numerous diseases affecting your respiratory system. It has become an addiction in the youth, and as a result chain smokers suffer from all kinds of health problems. Auricular therapy is an ideal treatment option for those who wish to quit smoking. You can quit smoking with auricular therapy because it not only treats the psychological aspect of the individual, but focuses on the reduction of your body’s desire for nicotine as well. It is a safe and pain free treatment of the auricles at several acupuncture points which are induced with mild electrical stimulation.

Auricular therapy can be considered as the most successful way to quit smoking and many people have benefited by this. Auricular therapy applies light stimulations to exact points on the external ear. It is a form of acupuncture treatment with a difference that needles are not used, and so there is no chance of experiencing pain. Auricular therapy is successful only if the person is ready to quit smoking and should also have the right determination and will power which helps to bring your mind under control.

The tendency to smoke is caused when the nicotine level drops in your body and the brain gets the signal to light up. This cycle of addiction persists until you smoke the next cigarette. Auricular therapy causes interruptions to the request of the body to the brain for nicotine. The stimulations given at the exact points of the outer ear helps to interrupt the signals sent by the body to the brain demanding more nicotine and are deviated to some other tasks. This helps you free yourself from being an addict of smoking.

When you quit smoking with auricular therapy, you don’t have to face any withdrawal symptoms. Auricular therapy is advantageous in the sense that one can complete the treatment within a short span of time. So if you are a chain smoker, decide as early as possible to quit smoking with auricular therapy, and lead a healthy and wealthy life.

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