quit smoking tips

Smoking affects the potency levels in men and many times it has been noted that smokers are generally impotent. Smoking is unhealthy habit to smoke the tobacco that disturbs all the functions in the body that later on result in the improper functioning of the body. The sperm count of the men who smoke too much is found to be very much low in comparison to that of the normal men. Smoking is one of the main reasons for the decrease in the fertility rate in the men. The quality of the sperms is greatly affected by the tobacco smoke that enters the body when you inhale it. The sex life is completely devastated by the smoking. Large number of the problems in the sex life arises due to the unhealthy habit of smoking.

It is always better to stay away from the smoking habit as once you do it then you get addicted to it. Smoking damages the immune system of the individual that reduces his resistance power. The smoke of the tobacco contains various poisonous gases that enters the human body and put a lot of adverse impact of the body. The smoke of tobacco firstly causes the cancer of the respiratory track or mouth to the person who smokes a lot. The person who smokes a lot is found to be suffering with the various abnormal health conditions like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems, and many more. These diseases directly or indirectly affect the functioning of the male reproductive system and may result in the impotency.

Smoking is root cause of the various sexual health problems. So, if you quit smoking many of your sex problems will be resolved. To prove this fact the study was conducted by the research scientists at the University of the Michigan. In this study 230 smokers who were suffering with the various sexual health problems participated. These people were asked to reduce their smoking frequency by the doctors and medications like generic Zyban were being given to these men to help them to quit smoking. It was noted that 40% of the individuals were able to quit smoking within 2 months of duration. Later they were asked the questions about their problems in sex life. These people told that their sex life is improved as they have either stopped smoking completely or reduced the frequency of smoking. Thus, it was proved that if you quit smoking many of your sexual health problems would be resolved.

smoking erectile dysfunction

Smoking also affects the penile mechanism by reducing the blood supply to the male reproductive system. This results in the failure in the erections during the sexual activity. This makes the person to suffer from the disease known as erectile dysfunction. Due to this sexual intercourse become impossible as the person loses the erection in between the sexual activity. The sexual activity becomes unsatisfactory for both the partners. As a result the person fails to produce the offspring as the sperms are not transferred in the women’s ovum. This makes the person impotent.

Premature ejaculation is noted to be one of the adverse outcomes of the excessive smoking of tobacco. This happens due the tobacco smoke that makes the nerves in the penis to loosen up. As a result man fails to control the ejaculation of the spermatic fluid. During the premature ejaculation men ejaculates within 1 to 2 minutes that is very less timing of ejaculation in comparison to the normal man. This way the person is not able to last longer during the sexual activity. Even the sexual stamina of the person who smokes a lot is found to be very low, which makes him an incompatible partner during the sexual activity. So, I would suggest all the men to quit smoking to stay potent.

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