Most people who fail in their attempts to quit smoking do so as a result of six common barriers that all smokers face when trying to quit smoking. You can overcome these barriers by choosing to quit smoking with hypnosis. In fact, the choice of a hypnosis program that focuses on the specific barriers that you personally more difficult to find when trying to quit can make the difference between success and failure. 

In this article, I will outline 3 of the 6 most common obstacles faced when trying to quit smoking, hypnosis or otherwise. I will also briefly explain how hypnosis can help overcome these barriers. 

Quit smoking with hypnosis: 3 of the 6 most common mistakes 

1. Not really want to quit

This may seem obvious – do not even seem like an error or a barrier – but the main reason most smokers who try to quit do not succeed is that we really do not want to be nonsmokers. Often people have a love / hate relationship with cigarettes. Lie awake at night worried about your health, you can say you really need to stop. But when you get home from a hard day of work, you may want to light more than ever.

To quit smoking, you need to cultivate their desire to quit until he is stronger than his urge to smoke. Hypnosis can help you do this, dissolve the subconscious urges that form the roots of his addiction, and accumulate in your mind a clear idea of how much better your life without cigarettes. 

2. Giving too fast

His first cravings usually your file will be stronger. Overall, the cravings do not last much longer than 20 minutes, and after about three days to begin to decline sharply away. However, many smokers decide they can not support their wishes before they get out of this window of three days, not realizing how much easier it will get in just a few days. 

Hypnosis can help promote the strength of will to resist their cravings in short bursts of twenty minutes at a time, and help you maintain your focus on getting through those difficult first three days. 

3. Succumbing to smoking causes

Most smokers light in specific situations – when you are home or at work getting out of the house are common. Such situations can act as triggers, causing it to lose and want to smoke. To successfully quit smoking, it is necessary to break the repetitive patterns that make up your smoking “ritual”, as these situations no longer act as triggers.

Hypnosis does this affect their perceptions on a subconscious level, until no certain situations associated with smoking. This occurs with the full knowledge – in fact it is impossible to plant something in your mind without your knowledge. But by encouraging you to imagine shooting situations, and encouraging you to think about those situations in new ways, hypnosis can help break the triggers and break free from cigarettes.

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