How to quit smoking cigarettes? tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes

Do you really want to quit cigarettes? But, don ‘t know how to quit smoking. All tobacco products including cigarettes are often difficult to quit, once the addiction is established. There are many social, financial, reasons behind your smoking habit. So, it is recommended you to quit your smoking habit as soon as possible for your good. It’s possible to quit successfully, here are some tips on how to quit smoking cigarettes:

Try to make a perfect plan for quitting smoking cigarettes and choose a quitting date. Do consult to your doctor before making one such plan, most doctors recommend you to take an antidepressants medicine for two weeks before quitting.

Share your plan to every one you know and try to tell them that you are going to quit and on what day. This action will make your will power stronger and also encourage you to keep your word. Therefore, it is recommended that, try to gather as much support as you can. Try to convince your spouse or partner or a friend to quit with you, by joining a support group online or find someone in your area.

Want to quit smoking cigarettes?

QUITTING Smoking MADE easy. Get lungs tested. Check the discoloration and make a copy of it in an area where you can see regularly. Write a note below it: I LOVE MY LUNGS, I WILL STOP THE DISCOLORATION BY QUITTING THINGS THAT MAKE IT UNHEALTHY.

Start by reducing number of sticks by half.

Gradually, make it to 1 stick a day then 1 stick a week.

Make some changes before or on your quit day by removing all smoking paraphernalia, throwing away any leftover cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters, cigars and all smoking related stuff.

Do not sit at the same place, go for varieties means try to keep yourself busy by going for a walk, restaurants where smoking is not allowed, play a sport, work on hobbies.

Give yourself a reward at every milestone you complete by using the same money you would have otherwise spent on cigarettes.

Quit smoking and restore your lungs to their healthy state again, it is necessary for every smoker should do in order to Clean his lungs.

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