How to have Healthy Sperm

Various studies and reports suggest that male infertility is on a rise and this is largely due to our lifestyle. However, there are some simple steps that can help enhance fertility in men and improve the health of their sperm.

  1. Wear Lose Clothing specially in the groin area- You must avoid tight trousers and underpants. The whole idea is that the temperature in your scrotum should be 4 degrees lower than the rest of your body and this is precisely the reasons of your testes hanging separately form the rest of your body. Its time to take out those baggy cotton boxers in order to boost your fertility.
  2. Avoid Hot Tubs and Sauna Baths- It is known that frequent hot tubs and sauna baths affect sperm health negatively and lower sperm count. As such if your trying to make your woman pregnant it s time to avoid hot tubs and sauna baths.
  3. Say not to Alcohol- Alcohol is likely to damage sperm. Limit your alcohol consumption when trying to start a family.
  4. Quit Smoking- Smoking is not just one of the causes of impotence in men. It is also one of the factors behind infertility in men. There are studies which reveal that smokers are about half as fertile as non smokers. Nicotine not only clogs arteries and restricts blood flow to the genitals but also damages the sperm and results in fertility issues. Quitting smoking is a big step towards a healthy sex life.
  5. Drugs- There are a couple of drugs that affect fertility. These include steroids, cytotoxic drugs used in the treatment of cancer.
  6. Excessive ejaculation and prolonged abstinence- Both are known to affect the number and quality of sperm. Intercourse every 2 to 3 days helps maintain volume.
  7. Diet- A healthy balanced diet is important. Healthy body healthy sperm! Your diet should contain adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals in order to ensure a normal sperm count.


There are some herbal supplements that can also be a big help and ensure better fertility and sperm count in men. These semen enhancers are a mix of herbs, minerals and vitamins that not only increase your sperm count and the volume of semen you produce but also ensure rock hard erections, improved sex drive and better ejaculatory control.

No wonder, they have gained immense popularity among men trying to boost both their fertility and sexual function.More importantly, such semen enhancers are free from all kinds of side effects as well.

However, not all supplements are of good quality. You must make sure that the one you buy is clinically approved and recommended by doctors as well.

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