Destructive behavior can ruin the career of a person and sometimes it may cause to lose job too. To control destructive behavior caused by drugs one can take a proper training. In the training, trainer discusses the use of cigarettes, cocaine, alcohol and other drugs and their functions and effects on our life. All people should be conscious about the health dangers of smoking and other drugs. Nevertheless, students may not think about how smoking and drinking affects their job performance.

Research information reported on the smoke free workplace new smokers are absent 50 per cent and appear to be less productive due to frequent smoke breaks. Some proof also suggests that smoking leads to decreased attentiveness and competence. Trainees should be informed that many organizations are implementing strict workplace smoking policies. It is unlikely that a person will be able to smoke whenever or wherever he or she wants on the work.

Trainer discuss about the caffeine and its working. There is no considerable link between caffeine use and health or work-related troubles. Trainers may want to point out that too much consumption of caffeine can interfere with sleep and cause a cruel cycle. The person is exhausted due to lack of sleep and uses caffeine to stay awake and alert for the duration of the office. A good sleep and rest, a proper well balanced diet, and physical activity can lead to significant health benefits and positive energy. Remind trainees that caffeine is a stimulant and can cause anxiety and irritability. Although this may not harm job performance, it surely can not help someone deal with the pressures of the work.

He also discuss about the unprotected lovemaking and sharing needles as behaviors associated with drugs or medicine use that can have serious health consequences. Again, this type of information is available in full detail in many sources and most trainees possibly have heard the information several times. Nevertheless, a reminder in the context of staying fit would not hurt. Sharing needles for injecting drugs or medicines puts a person at higher risk of being infected with many diseases, the most serious of which is the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that can cause to develop AIDS. While having unprotected lovemaking is not directly related to using drugs or medicines, a person’s judgment is impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol that can lead to making bad or risky decisions. Having unprotected lovemaking and consequence may be caused STD.

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