People say that those who smoke have more fun. A lot of people think this is true. But it isn’t. It has already been unproven in British scientific studies. In a survey of 879 people who have successfullyquit smoking , 70% of them say that their lives are much happier now when their addiction ended, 26% said that their general mood before and after was the same and only 4% of the equation said that they were happier before quitting smoking.

As a former smoker myself, these findings do not really surprise me at all. None of these people who have finally been able to quit smoking regretted their decision of quitting. What they truly regret is having started the habit of smoking in the first place.

There are some silly myths still going around that smoking might actually make you live longer but the quality of your life will not be that good. However, almost all ex-smokers will tell you, this is really not true. Getting to quit, they feel much more in control of themselves eventually and they slowly regain their feeling of self worth.

Based on my experience, it is really quite difficult to ask someone to stop smoking. It is just as hard to convince him or her that quitting is good. A person should focus on talking about the advantages of quitting in term of how it uplifts the quality of his life. Talking about all the health benefits is really old news to him and may not be sufficient. Also, talking about the benefits is better than trying to scare the person out of smoking since positive reinforcement is always stronger. The focus on positive effects or benefits of smoking cessation will definitely give him a goal or a reward at the end of the arduous journey. It is a better motivation than thinking about the consequences that awaits him eventually.

The more of such satisfaction of being in control of their lives becomes pronounced, the happier they are. For those young people who still have a lot of things to do in their lives, the freedom from this addiction is exciting and liberating. For the older ones who feel like they have less time to do anything with their lives and who have been hooked longer, quitting does not always bring joy because they may think that their time has passed. But still, the time they still have, will still be all the better and longer as a result of the cessation.

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