Smoking has seen immense resistance in the modern times as a result of the numerous bans that the authorities have imposed on smoking, especially on smoking in public places. Though smoking is almost equally prevalent in all the corners of the world, the developed countries have admitted that addiction to smoking is nothing less than an epidemic that is slowly but steadily eating up human beings as well as the environment. Interestingly, the prevalence of a number of diseases has increased due to smoking. Smoking has also been instrumental in taking the young children in its grip. The condition is really very grim and is deteriorating gradually. It has become mandatory to initiate powerful action against smoking, which is considered to be one of the most powerful addictions.

Most of the developed countries in the world are not highly populated. Therefore, they cannot therefore afford to lose their invaluable human resource to the smoke of the cigarette. These countries, especially the likes of US and the whole of Europe are doing their level best and all that is possible for them to curb on nasty addiction. Today, most of the developed countries have been able to make their cities and outdoors smoke free owing to the innumerable number of bans. When the instances of smoking are low, children are also comparatively safe as they are not exposed to the sight of adult smoking everywhere. This is also helpful in preventing the children from trying out smoking and imitating the adults. Bans have also gone a long way in curbing down the rate of passive smoking and eliminating the diseases that mostly arise from passive smoking. It is time for the developing and the underdeveloped countries to take up smoking bans with all earnestness. The bans should not only be the ornamental pieces on paper but also should be effectively implemented. In most of the underdeveloped countries, many acts remain unimplemented and this should not be the case with anti-smoking measures. Today, quit smoking is comparatively due to the quit smoking pills. There are seven medically approved quit smoking ways out of which pfizer chantix is also one. Like all the other quit smoking pills and oral quit smoking medications, you can buy chantix online also. chantix side-effects can be dangerous at times hence always obtain the prescription before you actually buy chantix. You should keep yourself safe from the fake quit smoking drugs. For example, chantix sounds very similar to another quit smoking drug champix. But in this case champix is neither fake nor unapproved. Champix and chantix are the two names of the same brand. Therefore, prescription is a must to buy chantix as well as champix.

The developed countries have now moved on from the epidemic of smoking to another condition that is as harmful and as widespread as smoking. This condition is known as obesity. The characteristics and ill-effects of smoking and obesity are actually the same. What is different is their nature. However, the second fact is inconsequential. What is important is that alongside initiating measures to curb on smoking, stringent measures have to be taken up against the obesity epidemic also. In the developed countries, the authorities have realized this fact and are contemplating to pass legislative acts to curb on obesity. Junk food items have been found to be primarily responsible for the rise in obesity and specific rules and regulations are to be implemented to stop the sale and marketing of junk foods.

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