Smoking is a deadly addiction and it can kill if not controlled at the relevant stage. ‘smoking is injurious to health ? its clearly written over the cigarette packets, even then millions around the globe are fond or we can say are addicted to Smoking. It is a habit that brings with it a love letter from your death. The more you read it the closer you get to your demise. So it would be advisable to love life than death if you really want to enjoy the beauty of this world.

The habit of Smoking generally starts at the teenage when the mind and body are not mature enough to figure out the difference between the right and wrong. A major contribution is played by the company of smokers. The first blow in the air may give you a feel like heaven but it slowly holds the person in the clutches of addiction. The habit that began with as a juvenility turns out to be a stronger addiction and in many cases continuous till death.

There are many drugs that are used for Smoking. Generally the cigarettes are made with tobacco wrapped in paper. But some clubs provide opium and other illegitimate drugs for smoking. Smoking for some time causes relaxation of the nerves. The mind and body feels as some slight dose of anesthesia has been injected into the body. It is said that the smoking began as a religious activity in some nations that after turned out to be the one of the biggest addictions prevalent in the world.

Smoking is seriously injurious to health. Every year millions of people in the world loose their lives because of this addiction. Smoking is associated with a number of diseases. It causes chronic pulmonary obstructive disease. Smokers usually suffers from multiple cancers like the lung cancer, throat cancer, oral cancer etc. It also causes heart strokes and several other heart diseases. Smoking is marked by the destructive effects over the reproductive ability. Smoking not only affects the person who really smokes but also the passive smoker who stands nearby to a smoker and inhales the smoke. To the pregnant women both passive and active smoking is injurious not only for the mother but also for the unborn baby. This may lead to miscarriage, an underweight baby or baby with clefted lips.

So I would always advice you to get rid of this habit as it is fatal for you and your family. The first and the foremost thing that you require to Quit Smoking is a firm determination. You require to be internally strong with your determination that will help and guide you to Quit Smoking. For some Quit Smoking tips you can go for the free download of our e-book ??QUIT SMOKING TODAY ?. From it will you will come to know about your smoking habit in a better way and will learn some easy tips that would be beneficial for you to Quit Smoking. For the free download of our book you can visit us at:

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