Quitting smoking is one thing, but keeping stopped is another.

How many times have I stopped smoking for good? Probably at least 6 times in my 25 years as a smoker. The temptation was always too great until I found something better that I didn’t want to give up. That something was a pair of ‘refurbished’, healthy lungs. I have now stopped smoking for about year and there’s no going back! No way!

Yes, once I’d found out what it was like to breath clearly again and take in a full deep breath without coughing my guts up then the choice was made much easier and my willpower became refocused on keeping my lungs healthy and clean rather than filling them with smoke.

The problem for most people who manage to kick the habit however is that they never actually reach this point, not because they don’t stay stopped from smoking long enough, but because it ordinarily takes many years to get to this clear lung phase and for the effects and toxins in the lungs to naturally break down and leave the body.

So, normally after the space of just a few weeks or months in absolute torment, trying patches, gum, eating several pens, eating every fingernail and a whole range of things that are supposed to help, a smoker reverts back to what works best…smoking!

Question: Could you stay smoking free for 1 month?

If the answer is yes then I believe like me you could kick the habit for good. There is a method of accelerating the process of clearing out all the muck, tar and chemicals from your lungs over the period of just a few weeks giving you clearer breathing and a real reason to remain free from your smoking habit.

It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and I owe it to all smokers wishing to stop smoking to share it with them.

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