Yes, all of us specially the teenagers want to know all facts about the Bollywood celebrities. What they eat, watch, wear, what are their daily schedules and many more. Mankind has this uncanny nature of trying to know more about what is concealed. The curiosity factor extracts the best of all situations. You always want to know the real facts, want to stay connected, follow the path these celebs walk on. These celebrities are your idol. They are the Gods for all the young hearts- in many respects. You want to look like them, talk like them, think like them and most of all be like them- as popular as they are.

Advantages of knowing about Bollywood Celebs

The plus points are diverse and depend solely upon individual interest. Young and teenager girls love to know what diet regimes these Bollywood actresses follow. They love to know what beauty products they use. They wish to know what do they eat and how much. What are their preferred health drinks? What are the trends of clothes that these actresses flaunt during their several night outs and events? Studying them minutely through several online channels and print media help they stay fit and fine. Being their fashion icons, these young girls walk in the path of healthy livings; just by wanting to be like them. Kareena Kapoor’s size zero was such a rage that maximum girls jumped to “Power Yoga”, as suggested by her and in the way of staying slim they are more into staying fit! Shahrukh Khan’s six pack abs was soon adopted by many street dudes to look cool. Salman Khan’s no smoking and drinking habits compelled many to quit smoking and drinking- while they were building their bodies.

Role play of web portals

The web portals as have become important bridge between you and the Bollywood celebs. Channels as the venture of network 18 have whole lot of things to produce a vicious cycle between you, the celeb and the world largely. With news updates you can keep a check on all the currents events of these celebrities, as new movie release, personal lives, events, launches, marriages, affairs, break offs etc. Photos- private and public entertain you full blast. You can download them to make them wallpapers or else print them to hang on walls! Watch the videos to hear and see songs, public conferences etc.

You can comment on them through the “comment sections”. Create polls and vote to make your favourate celebrities win the contests and awards. Up load and down load tons of information from the several sites. Add yourself to fan clubs to get timely addition of latest news and much more. These web portals as are power packed houses of all latest happenings and gossips of all aspects related to these people just browse the sites and enjoy.

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