Over the past few years, society had taken a very negative view of smokers in general and smoking in public in particular. Due to the increase of these negative views plus the health consequences, many smokers are searching for help though methods such as Freshstart in order to quit. Boasting a success rate above 94% and immediate online access, this method is a process that affects positive changes in your mental attitude. This article will discuss the possible benefits of the Freshstart stop smoking method in comparison to some other available products.

The Freshstart quit smoking method claims a success rate of 94% and offers a 100% money back guarantee. This is a very high number when compared to many of the other programs available for smokers who want to quit. Some of the other methods for quitting include but are not limited to do it yourself methods such as cold turkey, nicotine replacements such as gums and patches, drugs to relieve the cravings, acupuncture, and other professional programs that you can sign up for. The costs for these types of programs can range from nothing for trying it cold turkey up to hundreds of dollars for some of the advanced programs. Unfortunately, most of these methods have a success rate of under 50% and many of those who do quit will end up relapsing in the future. Freshstart claims that its success rate is so high because it changes your mental attitude toward smoking.

The Freshstart quit smoking method was designed and is promoted by Matt Godson who is a professional hypnotherapist. He claims to use a hypnotherapeutic technique that will literally change your mental attitude about smoking, in essence, making you a non-smoker. It is said that the Freshstart method is a process instead of a product. While other methods will do things such as replace the nicotine from a different source, use drugs to relieve the cravings, or use punishment techniques to make you stop smoking, Freshstart claims that this will simply make you an ex-smoker instead of a non-smoker and the cravings may remain long after the physical addiction is gone. Matt claims that his Freshstart process works so well because it will change the attitude of a smoker into a non-smoker so there are no longer any cravings to fight with. This being said, you may well be wondering about the aspect of hypnosis and the bad rap and misunderstanding that it has sometimes had in the past.

Matt claims that hypnosis is not the spectacle that you may have seen or heard about in sideshows at the circus or magic shows. Those acts are just that, acts where both the performer and the subject are going through a pre-staged show. While true hypnosis is a state that virtually any intelligent human being can obtain, it is not a state where somebody can make you do anything that you dont want to do. Instead, it is a state of complete relaxation where your mind is open to positive and safe suggestions. Unlike the sideshow acts, a person who is hypnotized has full control of their actions and will not do anything that is unsafe or makes them feel uncomfortable. Nothing, including hypnosis, can overpower a persons free will and because of this, a person must already want to quit smoking in order for the Freshstart method to work. If you have not made up your mind that you want to quit smoking then the Freshstart process will not work and neither will any other process, procedure, drug, or therapy available and spending your time and money will just be a waste of resources. If you really want to quit then the Freshstart program is immediately available for you.

The Freshstart quit smoking method does not require you to see a doctor, buy drugs or nicotine replacement products, or wait for a book or DVD to come in the mail. Once you sign up at the Freshstart web site, you will get immediate access to all information available. The instructions at the site say that you first read an online book that prepares you and then download an audio file to your computer. It is claimed that you will need to follow some simple steps for preparation. Once these steps are completed, you can then listen to the audio file and you will be a non-smoker within an hour. While these results may seem too good to be true, Matt does offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you are reading this article then you have already realized the benefits available to you by quitting the smoking habit today. If you really wish to quit smoking and nothing else has worked for you then its possible that Matt Godsons Freshstart quit smoking method may be something that will work for you. The cost appears to be relatively low compared to many other products. If this process truly works for you then just a short amount of time not buying tobacco products will recoup what you have paid for the program, not to mention the health benefits. And remember that, unlike other products such as patches and gums where you have to keep buying more product until you finally quit, the Freshstart quit smoking method requires only a one time payment to access the website. You never have to pay for anything again.

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