Those who smoke know that quitting smoking is not a piece of cake. The products and write-ups, which claim that they can make you quit this habit in no time, are actually exaggerating. Quitting smoking is a time consuming job and requires a proper systematic technique to help you come over this practice. It involves some stages that you need to go through before you will finally achieve your target of quitting smoking.

Firstly, it is awareness. If you are not aware of the dangers associated with smoking, how will you even think about quitting it? So a smoker needs to know how this habit is effecting his health and what will be the consequences if he continues this practice. Once you have become aware of the hazards, you may still not be able to do it at once. You may only evaluate many ways to get over this habit, but you may continue postponing or avoiding to take a start.

By constantly thinking about the idea of quitting smoking, you will finally reach a stage when you will be ready to take on a certain method and get rid of this habit. At this stage, you have to make up your mind and decide which method would suit you the best. However, even in this case, you must remember that the trick does not lie with the method, but with your own will and determination. If your resolution is not strong, you will never succeed because quitting this habit requires strong determination.

Now if you have done the big job by making up your mind, hit it! Whichever mode you take, remember that it will be difficult to stay away from smoking in the beginning. Here you will have to continuously counsel yourself and tell your mind that you can do without it every time you crave for a cigarette.

As more practical way is to cut down the number of fags that you take and to increase the gap between them. Slowly and gradually, you can continue doing this and finally you will find yourself not wanting to smoke anymore.

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