cooking oil nutrition while reusing

Don’t have the heart to throw away the oil left in the pan after you deep dry the stuff? Well, you need to know a lot about reusing oil. Reusing cooking oil after frying fish, potatoes or any other such items can be EXTREMELY harmful for your health. This is one habit you must get rid of ideally.

The oil promotes bacterial growth, causes food poisoning, and even death due to an infection known as Botulism. Did you know different oil has a different smoke point (the temperature at which the oil breaks down and smokes)? The oil degenerates after this smoke point. Animal fats have lower smoke points than vegetable oil. No wonder it is important to use healthy cooking oils like olive oil or soy oil.

Of course, it is not practical to throw away the oil after frying something. But you must reuse cooking oil with some precautions.

We are sharing a list below of some very simple things you can do to avoid adverse health effects of reusing cooking oil.

Make edible oil last longer!

Filter Oil

It is crucial to filter the food particles left in the cooking oil. This helps in storing it for later use. The best ways to filter is via using a tissue or butter paper.

Tight Container

Use an air tight container to store reused oil. These jars prevent spread of bacteria in the oil.


The best way to store used oil is to refrigerate it. Store the oil in a closed jar and refrigerate way before bacteria starts growing in it.

How to reuse cooking edible oil

Understanding Smoke Point

It is always better to know the precise smoke point of the oil that you have been using to cook. Simply put a thermometer into the oil and see at which temperature it starts steaming.

Refined Oil

Refined oil is the best choice for reusing. These are known to have higher smoke point as compared to unrefined oil.

Say No to Overheating

The best thing to do is warm cooking oil. Heating it to the point of smoking point is a bad idea. This guarantees that the oil does not lose its healthy properties. This is also the reason olive oil is never heated.

The Number of Times

Ideally, not even once as it increases the chances of developing cancer. However, if you wish to, then don’t use it more than once. The reason is that each time you reuse oil, its smoke point decreases.


You should always check the colour and smell of the stored oil prior to reusing it. Strictly avoid storing oil that has become black in colour or smells decayed.

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