8 foods for no storage in freezer and refrigerator

It is true that storing vegetables, fruits and certain types of foods in the refrigerator is necessary to keep them fresh for a long time. However, when it comes to storing food properly, a number of things should be taken into consideration.

Interestingly, there are many foods that tend to alter their flavour, moldy fast, or even accumulate harmful bacteria. This may be because you may be storing the wrong food in the refrigerator.

Studies have proved that storing certain foods in the refrigerator shortens their life and even destroy their nutrients and flavour.

You want foods that boost your immune system and give you ample energy. You buy them in bulk and store them in freezer only to lose its nutritional value.

No refrigerator for these foods

8 foods that are not meant for freezer


Storing onions in the fridge is not recommended. The moisture will soften onions and make them accumulate mold. It is always better to keep them in a cool dry place. Make sure you store onions away from potatoes. Mixing them will result in fast deterioration of these vegetables.


This is a strict no-no. Storing tomatoes in refrigerator will make them lose all their flavour fast. This is because the cold air inside the fridge interferes with the ripening process. Ripening is important for tomatoes to give out the typical flavour. Additionally, storing in refrigerator will alter the overall texture of tomato. Experts feel that cold temperature inside the refrigerator breaks down the membranes inside the fruit walls and turns it mealy. So it is always better to store them in a basket or bowl on the kitchen counter.


Do you really store honey in the refrigerator? Well, there’s no requirement for this. It will stay fresh for long if stored outside or kitchen cabinet. Make sure it is tightly sealed. The temperature of refrigerator will crystallize honey.


Storing potatoes in the refrigerator is like tormenting the veggie. Keeping a potato in the cold temperature of your refrigerator will turn its starch into sugar rapidly. This will leave you with a sweet, gritty potato. So instead of storing potatoes in the fridge, store them in a paper bag in a cool place. A pantry would be a nice idea. Paper bags will also do.

potatoes unhealthy when kept in cold storage


If you store garlic in the refrigerator, it will to sprout. Additionally, the texture may also get rubbery and moldy. So keep garlic in a cool dry place always.


Most people keep bread in refrigerator. This tends to dry out the bread fast. Keep bread out on the counter or in the freezer. Wrap the bread before storing in the freezer to retain the moisture.

Olive Oil

Store olive oil in a cool, dark place. Keeping it in the fridge will condense and turn to a harder. The consistency will be similar to butter.


Leaving coffee in the refrigerator will make it lose all its flavour and take on some of the odours in the fridge. So it is good to store coffee in a cool, dark place.

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