I am Stephen Hill from Birmingham in England. I started to stammer at the age of four or five. My parents took me to a lot of different types of speech therapy, some in groups, some on a one to one basis. The kind of advice I was given to control my stammer or to overcome my stammer were varied. These are some:

slowing down my breath

costal breathing

prolonged speech

taking a deep breath before I spoke

I had began in the class called, preschool stammer. This term is labelled by the stammer speech therapist or the stammer speech pathologist. My parents were reassured that most people who stammer in childhood soon grow out of it. Well I was one of those who didn’t.

I then joined the class called, childhood stammer. I continued to attend speech therapy and joining in with their speech therapy activities and their speech therapy games.

I then progressed to the class called, adult stammer. I now decided that speech therapy was not really working for me.

I decided to try my own form of stammer self help. Even though I had a stammer, at times I could talk very well. As an example when I was drunk, I spoke nearly perfectly fluent.

After nearly a year I managed to overcome my stammer and eradicate the stammer once and for all. As a career I now help other people how to stop stammering.

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