It is time for men to pay as much attention to natural health as women.

Thanks to well-liked culture, the image of men eating healthy diets has been “sissified.”Individualâ??s men who gobble down prime rib, onion rings, milk, pizza, hamburgers and sugary sodas are consideration of as rugged American men.

Of course, the fact of the matter is fairly different. As nutritional studies clearly show, those men who consume the salad greens, sprouts, super foods and nutrient-dense ingredients have much higher sperm counts and mobility measurements as well as stronger libido and performance. Few men who pursue healthy diets ever turn to sex enhancing medications such as Viagra because they simply do not require drugs. They do well, regardless of their age.

These men are demanding the stereotype and expanding their alternatives to include performance enhancing, disease preventing nutritional strategies that most men do not even know exist. Among the most excellent strategies now being embraced by in the know men are:

-Fish oils (omega-3 fatty acids) for improved brain function, metabolism, immune function and cardiovascular health.

-Hemp protein and quinoa for total proteins from plants (which keep away from the chemical contamination found in most animal fats).

-Super fruit antioxidants for protection of the eyes, brain, heart, skin and cellular DNA. (These super fruits include acai, noni, mangosteen, goji, blueberries, raspberries and so on).

-Nutrient dense microalgae (similar to blue/green algae, chlorella and spirulina) for cleansing the body, defensive the liver and greatly falling the threat of digestive system cancers, including colon cancer.

-Mineralization plans (captivating trace minerals, zinc, magnesium and quality calcium supplements) to increase cardiovascular health, eliminate surplus stress, accelerate tissue repair and recovery speeds and resist infectious disease.

-Planned sunlight exposure for improved creation of vitamin D, which prevent gum disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, heart disease, depression and all kinds of cancers including prostate cancer.

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  1. louisewoods1984 says:

    My boyfriend has a 9 year old son and I have a 10 year old daughter. The kids get along well for the most part except when they argue a couple times a day about dumb kid stuff which is normal. My real problem is that my boyfriend’s son is extremely selfish and greedy, I can’t stand it anymore. I’ve tried talking to my boyfriend about it but he really doesn’t do anything. When his son comes to my house for some reason he feels entitled to do things that I don’t even allow my daughter to do. Such as use my work computer without permission to play games. Go into the fridge to help himself to things even if he’s not hungry or just ate. Turn on the TV and hide the remote and even take it to the bathroom with him so no one can touch it. My boyfriend thinks some of these things are either funny or not a big deal. I don’t like it! He climbs all over my couches and throws my stuff on the ground. When I tell him not to do something my boyfriend takes offense like I’m being strict. I’m not strict I just expect you to respect my house just like my own kid does.
    I can’t stand that he’s very selfish too. Even if he already ate he’ll ask for more food when he’s full. He’s not overweight, just greedy. For instance, I’ll make dinner and just because someone will want some salad, he’ll notice and take most for himself. If someone else wants salad he’ll want more again. To the point where he wont even touch the rest of the food *just* because someone is reaching for it. This bugs the hell out of me, he does it in a way that if very subtle. So if I were to say something, then I look like the bad guy. But it’s with everything. I spend a lot of money on groceries just because he comes to my house and wants to eat everything. If he’s super full, he’ll still want more just because someone else is hungry. It’s expensive! He’s also very pushy. I normally don’t like to cook on the weekends too much, but I still do because I know the family enjoys it. Last week, we had come back from somewhere very late and he said he was hungry. I told him to get something out of the freezer because it was too late for me to cook. He gave me this look of utter disbelief then turned to look at my boyfriend. His expression was that of “Is she serious?” This ticked me off! I’m not a freaking maid for this kid, not even my own kid gets the red carpet treatment.
    Anyway, I don’t know what to do, I feel my own kid gets shafted all the time for his needs when he comes over. She doesn’t ever complain, she just goes with the flow. She’s growing up to be such a generous and thoughtful child because I taught her to be that way! She’d rather avoid confrontation but he takes advantage of her! She’s always letting him “be first” or he “changes the music” or he “chooses the TV show” or “he gets the bigger plate of food” I am damn sick of it! I can’t talk to my bf because he doesn’t understand or just laughs because he thinks it’s cute. His son is kind of short for his age so I think my bf sees him younger than he is. He’ll call him “da-da” and last week he was even carrying him around it disgusted me, he’s freakin 9 years old! And I can’t talk to the kid’s mom because she’s an ignorant woman who already tried to get into a fight with me before. I plan on being with this guy but I can’t stand how spoiled and greedy his son is, what can I do to make my life easier when he comes over to my place? My boyfriend sometimes brings like a carton of eggs or basic food staples, but of course I wind up cooking or buying more food to feed everyone. Should I ask him to bring groceries for the weekend? I don’t want to be petty, but to be quite honest it’s not just about the money. It’s the greedy part that bothers me and makes me not want to do anything for this kid. Help, what can I do?
    Thanks for your insight “H” but you are dead wrong with everything you said in your judgemental statement. First off, I *do* have rules which he abides by, but then he comes back from his home a wreck all over again and it’s frustrating. Second, if my bf was using me why would he be in the process of buying me a new house to support me while I go back to school? Lastly, if I didnt respect myself I wouldnt say anything at all. Im not remotely close to being meek, but I cant discipline him cause he’s not my kid. Do I love someone with poor parenting skills? Yes. Do I lack self-worth because of that? Absolutely not.
    I should have mentioned that we have been dating for about 2 1/2 years and he wasnt in a relationship with the kids mom for about 3 years prior to that.