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  1. AdammeSteele29 says:

    I am about to graduate college with my degree in dentistry, it was a lot of hard work. I am finishing a few semester early for going full time every summer. Also i am still a virgin, which is embarrassing because i am 25. I finally met a woman who i enjoyed talking to, she is a dental hygienist. We have a good time together. After the first date she told me she has a child. I told her it was no big deal, and it was not a problem to me. I continue talking to her, and she is really a sweet woman. But some of my male friends and peers are telling me not to date a single mother. They told me she is looking for a free meal ticket, and she only wants me because i am becoming a dentist. I don’t know if it’s true, she has a job. This woman makes around 40k a year, she graduated last year. I don’t think she is after my money, but should i date her. I really do like this woman.

  2. Mohammed Ismail says:

    Mujhe toh shadi shuda auraten bahut pasand hai. Dil karta hai ek saath 2 se 3 auraton ko chodo. Jismay meri bhabhijaan, meri dono married behene ho. Mujhe meri bhabhijaan bahut pasand karti hai. Sirf ek baar chut chatne di hai. Blti hai lund ke liye wait karwayegi. Meri badi behen married hai par us raat ko maine masti may usko kiss kiya toh kuch nahi boli. Kya apni bhabhijaan aur behen ko date kar sakte hai secretly. Koi accha sa tarika batao jissey unko bhi maa miley aur mujhe bhi. I m ready to hare then with you. Mujhe pata hai yeh dono maan jayegi par secret kaise rakhon aur accha sa place kn sa dekho jaha inko acche se chod sako. Jarur bataye. – Engineer Mohammed Ismail, UAE formerly was in Pakistan.

  3. ACBJordanPotreay says:

    I had couple of experiences as I used to find them attractive and witty. Lastly, I was dating a single mom 10 years older than me, things were going great but then she thought I was a liar, she goes on about her child way too much, yes your kid comes first but you gotta make your man feel important too. I felt like crap and still do. I agree with that dominating part. You seldom find single mom who thinks she is not mature and wrong. Even though wrong decision in her first relationship made her single mother. I would never recommend dating a single woman (divorcee/widow/mother/working lady).

  4. Goldenman says:

    Well, dating a single mom represents more responsibility than some younger people might have time for. If this relationship becomes more than just dating, then essentially you’re starting a family even before a marriage. This is strictly based on how the mom and the boyfriend feel regarding the raising of the child. If the mom is independent, then the boyfriend wouldn’t need to be the father-figure, which can be a positive (or negative) depending on the person.