Premature ejaculation is the very general sexual problem in men and particularly those who are younger than 40 yr. Most of the medical professionals who treat early ejaculation define this situation as the happening of ejaculation before either of sexual partners wants it to happen. This broad definition therefore, averts specifying an exact period for sexual relation and getting a climax that is uneven and based upon many factors particular to the individual’s engagement in sexual relations. There are many premature ejaculation causes however; medical professional are not sure about the exact causes.

In most cases early ejaculation matters a lot since this is the difficulty that makes sexually active couples unhappy and frustrated. And in severe Premature ejaculation cases it can pressure or even ruin up the sexual relation or a marriage just because it is so unacceptable for both sexually active partners to meet dissatisfaction, every time, every where! Premature ejaculation causes bad impression of a man to his sexual partners and it is equally uneasy. The situation is so worse that the man ca not have sexual intercourse since he ejaculates much earlier than he can get into the vaginal canal! This can be annihilating for a man’s self-confidence. And it can be very frustrating and troublesome for his sexual partner mainly if she wants to conceive.

Premature ejaculation causes: – Biological

Health experts believe plenty of physiological or biological factors that can contribute to early ejaculation, including:
* Altered hormone levels
* Altered levels of brain chemicals (medically known as neurotransmitters)
* Altered reflex activity of the male-ejaculatory mechanism
* Some thyroid problems
* Any unhealthy condition of the prostate or urethra
* Inherited traits

The mechanism of ejaculation is basically complicated and is linked with three major simultaneous consequences:
1. The release of semen from the prostate gland (medically known as seminal emission),
2. Propelling the semen out the prostate and penis (ejaculation),
3. And directing the semen in one way and preventing it getting backwards into the bladder (with mechanism that involves bladder neck closure).

Premature ejaculation causes include psychological and biological or physiological.

Premature ejaculation causes: Psychological

Some health experts believe that early sexual experience might build a pattern that could be hard to change later in life like:
*Conditions wherein the man might have hurried to reach climax in order that avoids being traced or discovered premature ejaculation
* Guilty feelings that may increase man’s tendency for rushing through sexual encounters
Other factors those might be considered as premature ejaculation causes include: –
*Erectile dysfunction: – A man who is anxious about getting or keeping their erection during sexual activities might form a pattern to rush to ejaculate that ultimately turns to be difficult to change.
*Anxiety: There are many males who suffer from premature ejaculation mainly due to mental problems such as over excitement, anxiety, depression either specifically about sex performance, or maybe because of other issues.

Premature ejaculation causes: – Rare

* Damage in nervous system because of improper surgery or trauma
* Any drub abuse or withdrawal from narcotics such as trifluoperazine, prescribed to treat anxieties and other mental related ailments
Although, both premature ejaculation causes, physiological and psychological factors are susceptible to play a role in almost cases of PE, experts still find the exact cause to have premature ejaculation.

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