It is not abnormal to have a slight curvature in the penis. In fact, most men have their penises curved slightly towards one side. It is nothing out of the ordinary, and in most men, it does not hamper the man from performing penetrative sex. However, in some people there is a condition called as Peyronie’s disease. Men suffering from this disease have very large curvatures of their penises, so much so that penetrative sex becomes a difficulty for them. It is in this case that penis curves need to be surgically corrected.

Mastrubation can definitely make your penis take on a definite curve. And for this reason it is usually called a curved penis as opposed to a bent penis. However treatment and home remedies for types of penis alterations are mostly common.

Any deviation of the male penis from the straight position can be termed as a penis curve. The penis is a highly flexible organ, and due to this it can curve in any position. It can be tilted to the right or to the left, or even upwards and downwards. Even among people with penis curves, there are different extents of curvatures.

The human penis is about 5.5 to 7.5 inches long on an average when erect. Of course, there are men with penises on both sides of this scale. The main bulk of the penis is a spongy tissue called as the corpus cavernosa. The corpus cavernosa contains of two channels of spongy tissues which run through the length on both sides of the penis. In healthy men, both the channels of the spongy tissues grow equally and the penis becomes straight. However, if for some reason, one channel of the corpus cavernosa grows more than the other, then it would lead the penis to get inclined on the other side.

Penis curvature or peyronie’s disease

This generally occurs during injury. In men who suffer accidents on one side of the penis, the spongy tissues on that side may not grow properly. This would lead to a droop on the other side. Even wearing tight underwear may cause irreparable damage to the penis and cause it to gain an unnatural curve. Men who indulge in very hectic sexual intercourse could damage their penises. One example of this is the wrong use of the woman on top position. This position has the possibility of the penis coming out often and this could tear some of the ligaments. Anal sex is also responsible for penis curvatures.

The above are some of the mechanical factors that cause penis curves. However, penis curves can also be caused due to biological factors. The Peyronie’s disease is one of the most important causative factors. Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which a scar (plaque) develops on one side of the penis without any apparent reason. This stops the growth of the penis on that particular side and hence the penis begins to droop on the other side. In small children, there could be penis curves due to inexplicable reasons. These are congenital defects, which must be corrected in the younger days itself. Contrary to popular belief, masturbation does not cause penis curves. However, if there is an injury during masturbation – as might happen when a young boy experiments with his penis in his early pubertal days – then penis curves could develop in the future.


Generally speaking, a moderate penis curve poses no problems to men. Penises that are curved can be used quite effectively for sexual penetration, and does not pose a problem to either partner. There is also no relation whatsoever between penis curves and impotence. Penis curves are just a cosmetic problem, and they do not interfere with the reproductive system of the male in any way.

Nowadays, penis curvatures are mostly treated by surgical methods. This is a corrective tissue surgery and hence it needs to be performed at the hands of a very skilful surgeon. If the curvature of the penis is caused due to a scar retained by an injury or due to Peyronie’s disease, then the method employed is to inject the scar with Verapamil. This drug causes the scar to heal itself. Healing the scar in most cases corrects the curvature of the penis.

Men are also increasingly using natural herbs and their extracts for the treatment of their curved penises. The efficacy of these herbs is still being checked into by leading pharmaceutical companies of the advanced countries, and most of them have yielded positive results. The immensely popular Ayurvedic preparation known as Shilajit is one of the effective alternative methods in use. Other herbs which have shown promising results are Panax ginseng, Ashwagandha and Ginkgo biloba.

Curvature of the penis to an extent is a very natural male phenomenon and may not need correction at all. In fact, several tailors would design the trousers in a way to accommodate the curved penis. Hence, it is not much of an issue. The penis curvature would need a correction only for cosmetic reasons – though women actually have no issue with curved penises – or for medical reasons, such as if the penis is very highly curved for penetrative sex. Otherwise, the best method is to let the penis be as it is for it will pose no problems either now or in the future.

Natural remedies for peyronie’s disease

As Peyronie’s disease is such a troubling condition, finding an effective remedy is important for developing and maintaining overall health. Many natural options offer safe, effective treatment. Castor oil applied topically to the plaque spots or areas of scar tissue dissolves the tissue and offers relief. MSM taken orally is also known for its ability to soften scar tissue. Additional treatment options include acetyl-l-carnitine, vitamin E, and DMSO.


Castor oil: Castor oil is a terrific natural remedy for Peyronie’s disease. When applied topically to the penis, particularly the plaque spots and scar tissue, it helps to dissolve and soften the hard tissue. It definitely works well and works for all sufferers. Of course, some guys receive more benefit than others but the improvement will be noticeable regardless. You do need to be patient with this remedy though as it can take up to 12 weeks to completely straighten the penis. You will start to see improvement within 2-3 weeks though.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: A study published in the July 2001 edition of the journal “BJU International,” showed that carnitine supplements are safer and more effective for treating Peyronie’s disease than tamoxifen, the most common drug used to treat this condition. You can easily buy acetyl-l carnitine from most health food stores or online. For dosages, follow the directions on the bottle.

Gotu Kola: According to Tufts Medical Center, the gotu kola herb can help reduce the problems associated with the formation of fibrous tissues under the skin and therefore may be helpful in the treatment of curvature of the penis. You can buy gotu kola in capsule, tincture and ointment form. Once again for dosages, be sure to follow the directions on the container.

And above all control excessive shagging habit to avoid harmful effects of masturbation.

penis bend curvature curved tilted

Exercise for Bend Penis Treatment

Because there are so many different solutions that can help you straighten a curved penis erection, it is good to be familiar with how successful these solutions for straight penis are before actually deciding which one to use.

Using curved penis exercises is one possible way on how to straighten a problematic or severe curved penis caused either by your genetic material or Peyronie’s disease.

That is why I decided to help you out in case you are currently looking for a way to fix their troubling crooked penis (maybe you are one of them) by taking a look at how efficient are these curved penis straightening exercises.

The first thing you probably want to know is how do these penis exercises actually work. How can they help you correct your curved or crooked penis?

Well, lets think about the way penis curvature is produced in the first place. The rest will be pretty much self-explanatory then. I will distinguish between naturally curved penis (caused by genetics) and penile curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease.

These two causes are most commonly responsible for developing a curved, indented or otherwise deformed penis in a man.

To start with, a congenital curvature (crooked or deformed penis caused by nature or genetics) usually develops as a result of one side of penis being shorter than the other one.

In case your left side is shorter than the right one, your penis will curve to the left.

In case of Peyronie’s disease, a crooked penis is a result of plaque developing on the penis. The tissue that is affected by plaque loses its elasticity, which causes your penis to curve.

That means if you have a plaque on the bottom side of your penis, it will curve downward. Pretty straightforward and logic isn’t it?

Lets now get back to the way that curved penis exercises help with straightening the problematic or severe penile curvature.

In general, they do it by stretching the tissue on the shorter part of your penis (or in case of the Peyronie’s disease, the side that is affected by plaque tissue)!

When shorter side is stretched to the point where it matches the longer side, the curvature is gone as both parts of the penis are equally long!

You can also expect to see some side effect of using curved penile exercises such as growing a longer and more stronger penis.

The question you will most likely want to know next is: How long does it take to straighten a crooked penis with exercises?
Now that is a good question! Generally speaking, it all depends on how severe the curvature is, really. Whatever your expectations will be, do not expect miracles to happen over night!

But If you are persistent and disciplined and use right curved penis straightening exercises on regular basis (daily, with some rest days in between), you will see some encouraging results very soon!

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